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I am the person who will destroy China.

pushing the energy envelope

I told my LL I hoped to be by today to drop off a note.  Then I was to go to the library and do WiFi until it closed at 3:pm.  By my brain is still messed up from the incident with the mower.  Which happened on Tuesday or Wednesday.  If it had merely been a long walk to Walgreens, or such, the relapse would have ended by now.  But stress and anger just deplete my inner brain of something - blood, oxygen, water, idk - and it becomes dysfunction.  The periphery of my brain has to do all the work, which is really a bad situation.

Recall that LL left me out in the sub zero cold for 21 hours, despite CFS involving hypothermia.  Now, when I am proposing doing the mowing here, she is all concerned about my illness.  (People are so selfish here).  But,  I need to force myself to do physical activities, even when it results in painful, disabling relapses.  This allows daily activities to cause less harm.  It builds up my tolerance, or capacity.  Now that I am doing Instacart, I am no longer trekking to Aldi's and beyond.  So, I actually really need to do something like mowing, now.
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