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who's the baby now?

Some person at ONTD (political?) made a post calling Rand Paul a "crybaby" for saying that a tweet put out by Richard Marx tacitly encouraged violence against him.  The tweet went something like this: "I want to meet that guy that attacked Rand Paul (and broke his ribs), give him a hug, and buy him dinner!"  Next thing you know, Rand Paul gets white powder in the mail, with a threat that the sender planned to do worse to him than his neighbour did.  But the person on ONTD acts like it is insane to see any possible connexion between the tweet and the violence, when it's pretty obvious there is.  And by ranting on and calling Rand Paul a crybaby, this damned poster is joining in, with bully bullshit tactics, encouraging more violence!  And these people never accept responsibility for their own crimes and mistakes.  Several people have attacked Rand Paul, in the past, and he is being called a crybaby?!  What the hell is wrong with some people?!  You've got Maxine Waters threatening revenge if the Floyd verdict doesn't go her way, illegally tampering with justice by inciting hate on the streets of Brooklyn Center. There have been countless insinuations and half-jokes about doing harm to Trump, Republicans, whites, and the media just lets it all pass.  But when Rand Paul speaks up about yet another attack on him, chiding Marx, oh, no! he's a crazy crybaby!

I don't like Rand Paul's stance on transgenders, but he's strong on some other things.  Most recently, he called Fauci into question over a U.S. grant being used in Gain-of-Function research at the WIV in Wuhan, possibly leading to the COVID pandemic.  Then, on Sunday, the Democrat Washington Post broke the story about Wuhan scientists getting ill in November 2019, suggesting something some of have believed for over a year: The virus probably escaped from the lab.  Now Fauci's, Biden's, etc., tunes are all changing, because they can no longer swim against the truth.  I need to post more on this subject.  The fact is, it was Rand Paul standing up and speaking truth to power that has switched us all towards facing reality, and getting out of the stinky blame game that was being played whenever anyone questioned the party line.  And, it was right after his questioning of the divine Fauci that the attacks on him began.  Because there are vested interests going on behind all this - behind walls of rumour and censorship like this.  One day, the same thing will happen regarding the stolen election, because one or two people dared to speak truth to power.  This time, it's (a few) Republicans.  It was Dems in the 1960's.  It will be Dems, or some new transmogrification of Dems, who will do it 50 years from now.  But I sand by those who do, no matter what label they wear or are given.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to end up posting for tonight.

Oh, wait, that reminds me...  I dreamt that I had to take care of a baby.  I was in HS, and was carrying around this baby.  Someone stuck it in a laundry chute, where there was a metal plate where she could lie, and where there was heat blowing through from a heater.  I really protested this, and rescued her.  By now, I can't remember much more.  Pretty interesting though.  Once again, it confirms my true hypothesis: The younger the subject in your dream, the more you are healing.  At least, recovering from the latest relapse, in my case.  Later.
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