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I am the person who will destroy China.

scrambled eggs

I s'pose I'll do a posty. I am in high fatigue, as a consequence to Friday's activity + I went downtown again, yesterday. Should be a double-whammy, but I am dealing with it OK, at the moment. Doesn't help my nerves and consciousness that neighbours are outside trying to intimidate and dog is still pissing in the kitchen. Big dog = lots of room to swim. I am hoping the baking soda didn't just permanently destroy his kidneys, or, more likely, he has slipped into old-age incontinence. I don't know who old he is, but maybe 12? Living in all this street pollution, neighbourhood crime, and 4-5 years of the insane jackass downstairs BANGING on the walls at 3:am, with my dog's ear right on the floor, has not been helping him stay young. Me, either.

Here's how yesterday went... Was finally able to get out door at maybe 1:30pm. Library's WiFi assumedly goes off at 3. Walked down near street, where there was a killing, etc., nearby last year. Began to notice the houses. Nice ones, bordered by ones with porches caving in, etc., etc. As I 'rounded a corner, noticing a big house for sale at $1200 down, loud automatic gunfire rang out, a block or so back, where I had just been. Sounded like an assault rifle - at least 12 rapid blasts. It's not beyond probability that it could have been a warning to me to stay out. I decide I wasn't the slightest bit interested in pursuing the house for sale. My LL had offered my a tiny bungalow, (just on the right after I had turned the corner), but I said NO because it was way too small for all my stuff - big tables, etc. - and the area was riddled with gang shootings, right next to a lovely church and house with ladida pleasantries.

Let's see... Went into the Dairy cafe, got a seat as close to the library as possible. Wasn't close enough. Cafe had an open WiFi for guests, but it didn't let me log in. So, I ate fries and left. Sat at my regular picnic table, protecting me/laptop from rainwater. Young woman with German Shepherd played nearby. Nice to see. Actual normal people. Had more problems with my email - which is a server problem, and etc. Accomplishment: Cancelled the check I had arranged yesterday, and sent a paper credit check by mail, instead, which will reach them faster, and also free up my checking account. Because, I really might need money to move ASAP. Started walking home. Guy was in little park playing with dog. Again. Maybe I should just move here, get free WiFi, and meet new dogs and people. Possibly trade for one who knows how to hold his water.

By the way, after that massive shooting, sirens where everywhere. I looked for supsicious vehicles, but saw none coming from that direction, specifically. Taking the route back home, which is near that street, I saw my LL, apparently, pull up from the direction of the shooting, stop the car by the road, and then continue on as I crossed a street, ignoring her. That's another story. Maybe the shooting occurred at one of her houses. Further down this route, walking towards me, is Bigfoot and a largish white guy. (I have also issues with Bigfoot, maybe described elsewhere). Though he ignores me otherwise, he does a grandiose WAHT'S UP MAN, or such, half mocking, and half trying to impress his friend. I just look at the white guy, who gives me a decent greeting, smile, and that's that. I happened to have my right hand in my bag, so it probably looked like I was ready to pull a gun if they didn't respect me, yo. The fact was that I had under-dressed for the chilly wind, and this was the best I could do at thwarting CFS hypothermia. And I get mocked. For trying to live.

But, in this area, probably best to assume someone like me had a gun in his hand. Why, as I reached the end of this street, there was another mass of police cars, ambulances, etc., a block ahead. Turning left, walking down to the next street, I see yet another congregation of emergencies vehicles, lights flashing - one block over from the other group. So, that's three big shootings, or something, in the space of a few hours.

And A-hole Guy is just fanning the flames of hate and violence, knuckling down on his stupid little war against me. Innocent, ill, indigent, but mostly great white Satan, me.

So - I've got some more thoughts to follow up on an earlier post. Animality, mainly. [Notes to self: Justice means what we want; Guy at cafe taller attitude; Superstition; ...] Got to try to nap...

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