I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Rough Beast Sleeps Here.

I set up my new computer and got online via dial-up. The idea was to use this faster computer to finally be able to access the internet site fully, and therefore attain my WiFi. After much time on this, it turned out to be a complete failure. I need to reinstall and restore everything. There were an issue with Intel drives which was the computer's fault, but I won't go into it. Not sure if I will work on it today. I'll probably get drawn into it.

A-hole cut into our lawn the last time he mowed, and killed some of the grass. Today, OUR mower did his job and, even though A-hole grass was low, he was compelled by his petty hate to do his mowing - deliberately at the time of day I always take my dog out. So, I am out with my dog, and ONCE AGAIN, this jackass starts yelling at me. He see's a little mulch fallen off the circle around the tree on public property, and he is certain my dog has done this.

Well, the last time he pulled this same antic, I called the police on him, That time, he was telling me I was lying, when in fact, I had kept my dog away from that tree for a year or two, obliging the LAST time he yelled abut this non-issue! After all of that, he is still blaming me, for nothing, on property that isn't even his. He thinks he owns it because he keeps it up, if you call killing the lawn, and endangering the tree with too-high mulch, keeping up. Where I come from, if you decide to keep up public property, you deal with the consequences of it being PUBLIC.

But that's not what's important to him, The important thing is to try to dominate me, by stealing 'territory', and then messing with me. Meanwhile, he trespasses here, cuts into this lawn, and so on. And he acts like my dog is some kind of hateful disgusting lowlife. So, after he yelled at me, yesterday, I went over there, and he refused to talk or turn off the lawnmower. So I yelled, repeatedly, "It's NOT HIM!" He finally stops, tells me he believes me, says "Sorry", and fist bumps me. But I know this is just more bullshit.

Sure enough, when I took my dog out this morning, I saw that A-hole Guy had cut DRASTICALLY into our lawn, like never before. There was a little pile of branches put in in way to say HE WAS HERE. And not only did he kick down the gutte downspout where he mowed, he kicked it away sideways. Over recent years, we have found that the downspouts were being crunched down, so we finally put in new ones - fortified within in order to resist being bent and flattened. Well, now we know, for a fact, who has been the person doing this, even though he was always suspect number one. Of course.

So, after saying sorry, he went and created this damage - this petty revenge, for the bullshit in his head. Because what is important to him is not making agreements, or respecting anyone, or letting people live their own lives. He is interested in inserting himself, establishing himself as king of the neighbourhood, exacting tribute in kiss-assery, and so on. Recall that he has had THREE other mowers over here, mowing all of this property, telling him that HE OWNED the place. He promised a painter he would allow him to paint THIS HOUSE, which HE DOESN'T OWN! And other people are all lined up to hate me, as if I am causing all the problems. It's insane!

This guy is black. He acts like the stereotypical ANGRY BLACK MALE, and he gladly fulfills his perceived roles of INTIMIDATING WHITE PEOPLE, insinuating violence, and taking from white people, in the shadows. And the black "community" joins in in approval, because whites deserve it, because of slavery. (Doesn't matter that I am an immigrant who is not even a U.S. citizen). Virtually all other blacks, who don't show support, overtly, just step back and let it happen, because they share the same skin colour. And you get this crap, all over the country, influencing Democrats to wage riots and shootings, because their conclusion is that might makes right, and white is always wrong.

A-hole Guy, his enablers, and people like him, are the most egregious racists I have ever known. It needs to be called out for what it is. The police just shrink back, and act like it is their job to make sure, "both sides are happy," which only encourages the actual wrongdoers to continue and to approach extremes. The same goes for Mayors and Governors in Democrat areas, who just appease rioters, brandishing the racist pseudo-ideology of critical race theory", and, "the 1619 project", which simply makes the problem worse. Judges, jurists, and SCOTUS, have been intimidating into avoiding cases, or bending their opinions to the will of the rabble. THIS IS NOT AMERICA.

This is backwards, it is infantile, it is animal, and it is being manipulated by billionaire hedge-funders, and CHINA, seeking to destroy the culture and the country. The blame is forever shifted to Russia, Trump and some imaginary vast conspiracy of White Supremacists. If you're white, shut up, you're one of them. You're the new N-word. Because of the colour of your skin. And blacks must all think and act like BLM, and A-hole Guys, tell them to, because of the colour of THEIR skin, or else they are not black, they are Oreos supporting the White Devils Empire. This is bullshit. The corporatism media, and Big Tech, who, like the DNC Dems, receive actual money from China, censor information and voices, doing what they can to advance this agenda of racism and hate.

Many blacks are being suckered into falling back into black stereotypes in order to support this agenda, which is anti-America, and destructive of America - the very system which gave them freedom and wealth beyond that of any other African country on Earth. American blacks have at least twice as much wealth as the wealthiest African country, Nigeria. It ranks above that of countless other countries. And their rioters and bullies are shitting where they eat. Kissing up to China, possibly the most racist country on Earth. America has gone to seed: Values of evolved civilisation are flouted: It is good to lie, to take, to bastardize, to shirk work, to litter, to be late, to trespass, to hate, to shout down, NOT to 'act white', and so on. It's IN THE 'LITERATURE'!

It is good to tear down America by acting like AN ANIMAL. With all the money, flowing like oil, and all the cars and cellphones and computers and creature comforts, and FAKE INFORMATION, padding and insulating from reality - it is good to pretend omnipotence and self-righteousness, when all it is is a reversion to infantilism, through mob behaviour, and mass tantrums, acting-out, demanding your way. That's how democracy dies. When it forgets it is grounded by higher morals ideals. The Flight of Trust has left a Wasteland for Virtue. And, when morality fails, it shows itself soon enough, by economic inflation, eating away, largely at the poor, slamming everyone back into their place, and worse. This whole agenda, by the Dems, will only lead to decline, and war. It's sad to watch.

Human generations are too fleeting to allow society to learn anything of importance once and forever. We keep falling like flies before the same waves of propaganda, greed, hate, self-importance - insecticides we make for ourselves, as if we, afraid of death, must force it upon the wider society. And, soon enough, what's left of us, will all be back out in the fields, picking gold fillings.

What you see and hear in the news. It isn't the story. It isn't the truth. It is corruption slouching towards Babylon.

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