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I am the person who will destroy China.

to phrase a coin

Well, today was actually Day 9 of the CFS relapse, but not so bad.  Last day.  Rested.  Had wine last night, which often causes migraine, but this was an instance where it actually helped me recover by increasing the BP in my brain - after drinking, that it, not during or soon after.

My WiFi is set up, ready to be signed into.  I don't want to do that today.  I can feel the 5G in my brain, as I push through the waves of CFS brain fog.  I really can.  It's a little microwave oven.  I have been trying desperately to get away from WiFi, and now here it is, sleeping next to me.  Why?  Fi?

Before I set that up, I worked on rearranging the back room, so I could retrieve the surge-protector cable.  Now, it's nice.  Lots of big boxes in there, though.  I've got to dust the coffee table, etc.  Because I realise this weather is my last chance to do anything back there.  And I won't have much time for cleaning/tidying the kitchen, or any room other than my air-conditioned bedroom.  So, I did some kitchen work today, as well.

Watched, "The Spy Who Dumped Me," which I like, and am going to rip.  Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon had a blast, working together.  I love the former, and the latter is really funny.  Observation: Justin Theroux would make a good Joe Biden, although his eyes are bigger and he didn't arrive in a space ship.  Probs: Sound quality not good enough to convey what Kate was mumbling, etc.  And there were little continuity flubs, probably because the two stars kept cracking up in between shoots.  Might say more about movie, later.

I want to watch a Jackie Chan movie, now: "The Spy Next Door," which was sitting next door to the other movie in the library.  Did I mention that, "Suburbicon," really sucks.  Add this to that Coen Brothers jail-break movie as yet another George Clooney dud.  The downtown movie theatre is now open.  I might go down there, Tuesday, and watch the Kong vs Godzilla movie.  If I do, I'll impress the concession people with my new $2 coin from the isle of Niue.  It's 1oz 99.999% shiny silver, depicting King Kong on one side, and the two of them fighting on the other: celebrating this actual movie release.  In a coin.  A coin from Niue.  Who'd'a thought?  You?

I'll be back soon...
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