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No, not the Panda! PLEASE!!!!!!

AK just walked in so maybe I won't get far with this.

Well - I tried to have my green tea this morning - but it was the weirdest thing. I looked down and my tea cup was filled with lesbians! Eeeeewwwwwwwww!

Another thing. Ponder this. When someone says "Your wish is my command" - the message is pretty clear. Oddly, when we reverse things and say, "Your command is my wish," the meaning doesn't change at all. It actually should. For the meaning to reverse, we have to take A=B and make it completely B=A, and the meaning actually SHOULD STAY THE SAME. "My wish is your command." Should mean the same, but it turns out opposite.

Well - the SB people seem to have lightened up - at last. But I know better than to expect consistency.

Got "pulled over" by some Park police woman. She said the stuff all over my car was in violation of something or other. So, of course, we chatted - about crazy Rockford drivers. And I say, "Well what's the most important thing you think I should get rid of?" "Probably the pumpkin." "OK - I guess I can do without that! - but please, NOT THE PANDA!" The Panda stays. So does just about everything else. She says, "Well it was nice talking to you." "Yes. Take care." Yes, no ticket or anything. She wanted my body.


Oh - I had to throw a beer to the back of my car when she pulled up. I was expecting the worst!

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