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"The spaces between us turn into animals." - Part 1

Most of you have seen or heard this, by now. Crazy teacher filming cop because her brain says he wants to murder her. Cop is very nice, and this video goes wild. There are millions of crazies, out there. And ya wonder why... I have so much to say, I just can't write now.

SEE IT: Woman blabbing on cellphone, driving, abuses cop ...
Fox News obtained footage from the unidentified Los Angeles County officer’s body camera which shows the 14-year veteran pulling over a female driver who says she is filming him “because you’re a murderer.” The officer tells the woman she cannot be on her cellphone while driving before ordering her to hand over her identification.

Woman Berates A Police Officer, Calls Him A Murderer

In highschool, I invented the terms, "Popocracy," and, "Mobocracy." Popocracy is all about pop culture taking over and making the laws, etc. Popular opinion, gossip, immediate impressions. Popocracy actually did start taking off with Jerry Springer, and that gang. Now, I think we have ironical Popocracy, or, like, post-modern Popocracy: Where pop culture has become so dominant that the wider society is becoming culturally and legally dominated by a popular minority, by a Marxist philosophy which replaces Capitalists with unpopular, anti-cultural Whites, as the repressive class, universally guilty, and needing to be dis-empowered, to put it euphemistically.

And, it's a CORPORATIST Popocracy, where giant globalist corporations stand behind sports celebrities, et al, who advance this racist ideology. And it is POPULAR to be POPULAR.

So, we get countless idiots like this teacher feeling ti is perfectly great to call an innocent cop, whom she knows nothing about, a murderer - just to goad him into getting angry, so she can post the video, and the popular, maniacal interpress just spreads it like a disease.

I don't think anyone has every used the term, "Popocracy," before. But, "Mediocracy", (and Idiocracy), is popular in circles, and it's very similar, in many ways. The main similarity is that the Media peddles - manufactures - popular, and so political, trends, which change the laws, for better or worse. The media does this through lies, repetition, insinuation, censorship, focusing on or avoiding issues, getting in bed with politicians, and so forth.

There may be several reasons why they do this, e.g., 1 - They sensationalise in order to pull in ratings; 2 - Individual mediacs (once known as journalists) seek to outdo each other in being more sensational or politically correct; 3 - they try to buy political influence by selling the party line; 4 - they have political biases; 5 - they just like being corrupt parasites, or they get paid for doing so, by billionaires, corporations, unions, political parties or, you know, CHINA.

I think it is possible that the term, "Mediocracy," was used by Noam Chomsky's buddy - Edward S. Herman - who helped write, "Manufacturing Consent." Well, that book covered how the media lines up behind presidents, or such, and just gleefully drives us into war, because we become convinced that is what we want. We consent. To trillion$ wasted, millions dead, and the perseverance of the military-industrial establishment.

But, apparently, lots of key players learnt from that book, and put it to use, not as much in manufacturing consent, but in manufacturing DISSENT. Perfects tools to encourage race riots and anarchist mayhem, towards overturning the present Order, or race, and installing something incorrectly called Marxism. STATISM, actually.

Through all the chaos from the masses, played by the media, funded by China, et al, and all the rich in-crowd, some kind of reimagined utopian system is supposed to emerge. Which is insane. Except for the handful who PROFIT from it, which is what happened in similar "revolutions" in the past.

So, that takes us to Mobocracy, which is pretty much self-describable. Mobs intimidating mayors to fire innocent people; police to avoid policing; SCOTUS to avoid Supreming, etc. I have heard a few people use this term, in recent years. Not at all saying I introduced either Pop-or-Mob to social use. Just saying that two terms I pre-imagined, long ago, turn out to be relevant, now. That's kinda the story of my life. Too bad China, or hmmmever, never saw in me a great investment, hey?

Byt - remember those hallucinations, I mentioned, which were metaphysically astonishing? I didn't see anything personal in my life. I didn't see anythnig I was trying to make myself see. But one of the things I saw a lot of was what the future may look like, after all this crazy ant dance is over, and it doesn't look good. More than that, it looks - everything looked - petty, in comparison to the bigger picture.

When you heat up a pan really hot - maybe it has a little oil on it - and you spray a little water on it? Beads of water go zipping and skipping along on the surface of that pan, singing out their little 15 microseconds of fame, sending up all the vapour and obfuscation that their souls can summon, and then, they're all gone. It's over. No sign that they were even there.

That's what we are. Like beads of water fastly evapourating, drawn up from a heated planet, or scalding son - and after that one brief instant, into thin air, planets swoosh silently on, galaxies careen, over vast vast times and distance, eventually everything flows back into a black hole like an insect ready to die - and then maybe, another flash, another fat chance of petty life down the road - all made up of the same matter, energy, reality - iron in the sun, sand on the beach, its all walking around with us, arms around our shoulders, whispering with us, and suddenly gone, as well. It's all the same stuff.

Do you want to make it look more grandiose? More magical? God is holding the handle of the pan. That doesn't make it any more grandiose. It's just all the same stuff.

I think it is arrogant to see ourselves as frogs slowly boiling as the world goes bad. It's going bad fast. As soon as you can say tomorrow, it's yesterday.

Just a flash in the pan.

You're a murderer!

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