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There must be more to life than not drinking.

It's a rainy day in the state of Limbo.  I am just waiting.  For two shipments that feel like they have become socks lost in the washer-drier of existence.  For my dirt-cheap WiFi to be approved.  When it does, and I get set up, I can access the RCA Paypal site and pay from my tablet repair.   I can access my own Paypal account, which is completely impossible of one is on dial-up, (because they CALL you while you're logging in online!)  I will be able to make my Instacart orders from home.  I will probably be able to set up my printer-scanner, which, has been.  A problem.

And, I will be able to get rolling with my search for a new place.  Comparing and contrasting at lightning speed. WAITING TO LEAVE!

And I am waiting to get back to skinny.  I am eating less, now, trying to gain some weight, and what do I have in my fridge, calling out to be digested?  Potato pancakes.  Pasta.  Bread and bagels.  Cheese.   And: Three old bananas waiting to be turned into gf banana-walnut bread!  Because I throw very little out.  Ever.  Too much food.  Rainy day.  COVID everywhere!  What's a body to do?!

More and more, my Instacart orders will comprise canned goods, which can sit around for years.  And turn to gold, because of the coming Inflation.  It started with inflating bellies, and then became a monster eating everyone.  Also: Put these on your own lists: Sugar.  Dried beans.  Cigarettes.  Soap.  Ammunition.  These are the things people will be fighting over.  These and pronouns.

Oh - When I'm on WiFi, I'll post and comment more.  Sorry for the technical difficulties.
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