I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

retract your penis

It's crazy, but, the last time I checked, my LJ popularity index was at 176 - the highest it has ever been.  Maybe it is even higher, now.  The thing is this.  You all know I have been really amiss at posting and commenting.  And yet I get more popular.  Can someone please explain that to me?  Granted, I do say unusual, curious things, yes, I do.

Been wallowing in movies and fermentation.  I now love, "DAZED," and, "Party Girl," both involving Parker Posey.  I had an intellectual crush on her, decades ago, and now - what has become of her?  I think she was the first Anna Hendricks.  And Mary Steenburgen was the first Lisa Kudrow.  Both Jewish, btw.  Remind me to talk about that.  I was Jewish, once.  Mensch-wise.

So, I have been persuaded to start a new community.  It's for people coping with life in an insane world.  It will be called "coping".  Unfortunately, my LJ is not letting me do this.  So, I'll let you know when the community is open.  Probably after I have WiFi.

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