I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Call it what it is.

What does it mean when a neighbour's kid is barking at your house?  It usually means that the parents are disrespecting you, and this spreads to the kids, who think it is OK to mess with you, because that is the message they are getting behind walls and windows.

So, I took my dog further back, behind this house, on the property for which I pay rent, and what do you know?  My garbage bin, which I never have to use*, sitting back there, was filled with those neighbours' garbage.  So, while I was with dog, I rolled it over to the side of their house, and threw it on its side.  Meanwhile, a kid inside was crying.

After I tied my dog up in the front, I went back again, and threw their garbage onto their property.  Rolled my bin to the front of my house, and parked it in the garden area.  I'll probably have to secure it, and its lid, later.

People are all up in arms about the N-word.  I have spent most of my life in areas where there have been a lot of blacks.  I know the N-word to be two things: Something blacks call each other; and something describing petty, thieving, niggardly behaviour.  It has nothing to do with skin colour.  But the people who are guilty of niggardliness are generally black.   Although, there are a lot of closet psychopath whites who just keep it under cover, behind testy smiles, am I wrong?

If a white person was mowing into our yard, killing our grass, and messing with me every chance he got ..  if white people were barking at my house and throwing their junk into my bin...  and so on, for the past COUNTLESS years, then they would be acting like niggers.  This whole denouncement of the word is part of the mass denial by Democrats that they are the ones responsible for all the violence, and all the cheating, and all the lying.  It's disgusting.  Call a nigger a nigger!

The sad thing is - see, the kid was crying inside - is that this behaviour harms other people - like innocent cops, and innocent blacks.  I absolutely love blacks, but these head haunchos, like A-hole Guy, always come in and commandeer the neighbourhood blacks to hate on selected white people, which is racism, and the other blacks all fall in line, because of their skin colour, because, somehow, that's what MLK meant for them to do.  It's insane and pathetic.

I hope all the black racists are happy, after voting for Biden, who has been letting millions of Hispanics into the country.  Genocide by replacement.  Because, behind all their words, the leaders in the DNC HATE BLACK PEOPLE.  And they ENCOURAGE racist divisiveness.  And, so, that's why we get all this vandalism, and black-on-black killings, and self-loathing, and so on.

There is never a day, here, where I can rest.  That's why I drink.  To assuage my CFS nerves.  I don't care about black or white or hate or taking or stealing credit or winning the whores or making anyone jealous.  I just want to get the hell out of Illinois, as do millions of other people.

And this thing... "The blacks are getting uppity!"  It's used to deride white slave-holders of the past, being an example of white racism.  But the reality is, and I KNOW this from constant experience, is that the blacks start acting up every spring.  They start yelling in front of white people's houses, they start walking down the middle of the streets they assume they own, they set of firecrackers, they shoot guns, and so on.  Not all blacks, but a lot of them.

And whites are generally not like this.  They don't act up so much.  They don't trespass so much.  They don't berate people so much.  They don't pilfer so much.  They don't come up asking for money and then hate you when you say no.

The rich ones are just as bad - worse.  Look at Labrawn(sp?) James, spreading his racism, when he has no idea what he is talking about.  He has multi-million dollar mansions everywhere, as does the founder of BLM, and he goes around berating the very country that made him rich - which were dollars mainly from white people.  But, such jackasses are encouraged to rule the day, because the DNC, Soros, and CHINA, want division and strife in this country.

People are too busy smiling at their screens and cameras to wake up to what is going on - what is being taken away from them.  In a few years, inflation will be rampant, and all the vainglorious poor will be fighting for bread.

Once again: The Democrats' strategy, of strife and racism, is taking blacks backwards.  The Dems were the party that supported the Confederacy; assassinated Lincoln; opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments; supported the KKK; opposed Reconstruction; instituted Jim Crow laws; put American Japanese into internment camps; opposed Civil Rights laws; killed innocent cops, and sent countless blacks into countless wars.

People really need to wake up.  And getting woke to this means calling a creep who takes advantage of others of another race: a nigger.  Blacks have no problem calling each other niggers - maybe they know what they're talking about.

Has nothing to do with the colour of the skin.  It has everything to do with growing up, becoming an independent, trustworthy human being, and throwing off the bullshit.  Because it's a fucking yoke.

So, yeah.  Went into the back yard.  Pulled away my bin.  Now.  Is Spider back with me in the front???

We are all black, btw. Nobody has a monopoly on our African heritage. But, a lot happened after we left.

* I don't have to use this bin because I put out so little non-recyclable garbage, I just dump that little amount, plus doggie doo-doo, downtown.  I once dropped these little bags, every two weeks, in a dumpster behind a gas station.  But a black guy who works there, to whom I was very nice long ago, hated on me for this, and put up a sign telling me they would call the police if anyone dumped anything into this dumpster.  Why did he get like that?  A-HOLE GUY took him under his wing, and convinced him to hate on the new white guy in town.

But do you know what my example did?  It got people in the area to pick up their trash.  I tell you.  People, with any power, are not to be trusted.  Ever.
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