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I am the person who will destroy China.

CHANGE: Goodbye, Catcher In The Rye.

I love Taylor Swift

or try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwWR1cQTKyw


I've always thought that Avril Lavigne was an influence, but I've never heard anyone say this.  Also, Taylor Swift is just a micron below the note.  Also, she looks like a sex doll.  Videos will prove me right.

A week or two ago, I went to throw something into my recyclables bin.  Opened the lid.  There was a large jumping spider living under the lid.  A great place for that guy.  Wonder how he was able to get there.  Didn't want to kill him, or maybe her.  So, a day or two later, I went out and caught him in a jar.  Put that jar in my fridge, as is the fashion in this apartment.  He got cold and shut down.  I was saving him for some time I could toss him a few blocks away.

Once, the fridge got warmer, and he woke up.  He saw me opening the fridge door.  So, he crept down from his hiding placer, behind the lid, and he faced me.  He looked to me, asking me to set him free.  Honestly.  I know animals - and I know how intelligent insects are.  This is what he was doing.  He too his too furry "mouth-arms", whatever they are called, and he dabbed the glass back and forth, one and the other, at me.  Things like this are as amazing to me as the hallucinations I had about a month or so ago.  Telling me that life is really, really unbelievably spectacular.

Sooo.  I forgot to take him with me when I went downtown.  I decided I would let him out in the back, where I never go, next to the other garbage bin, which I never use.  The danger of keeping a bug in your fridge too long is that it will eventually dehydrate and die.  So, I let him loose, and was happy to be done with him.  He looked like he was related to the Black Widow.

It's amazing how spiders range from giant tarantulas...  (even more-so in prehistory)... down to tiny jumping spiders, down to mites, and god know what else.  This, etc., makes me wonder if life did not emerge first from the soil, as tiny, tiny tiny things.  Which grew up to be lobsters, and octopi, and so on.  I believe there is no reason to think that there is no less animal intelligence in the smallest of creatures.  I have written of jumping spiders before, and how visually and mentally acute are they.

Some kid was outside my apartment, probably on this property, barking at the house.  Because.  Dog.  I have dog.  Therefore.  Plus, I have heard those neighbours yelling when I was out with my dog.  So, trouble going on there, now directing here.  Same goes for house on the other side of me.  Every damn spring.

And it is A-hole Guy who keeps fomenting this.  A-hole Guy cut into this property, mowing low, and killing our grass.  Because he is constantly testing, pushing, hating.  Encouraging others to hate.  What do you bet he is a Democrat?  Hmmm?  So, anyway, I am going to start taking my dog all the way back, because I've been nice, withholding, but now I can, right?  Because I pay for this property.  And, once again, there is going to be some dangerous spat, and I will come out clean, and neighbours will move, and A-hole Guy will again withdraw into loathing.  Start with relentless jealousy and spite, end up with self-loathing.

Taking my dog all the way back.  To where the spider now lives.  Which will be all I need.  A spider remembering me.  And waging a countre-attack.  This is what I get for saving lives.  Goodbye to the Catcher in the Rye.

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