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I was extremely fatigued.  But, I pulled all my tricks, and I was out the door by 3:15pm.  (Seriously, don't think this is easy).  I went to library, got on WiFi.  Amazingly?  I was blocked from accessing Instacart AND Aldi's.  Can't blame library for now blocking me until I look at all the other info.  The only thing I accomplished was sending in my application for cheap WiFi at home, and that was the most important thing.  I tried to pay for my tablet repair, but I was also blocked from that sight.  I have no idea why this is suddenly happening - on the library's WiFi!

But, i did send off my tablet to be repaired.  A really, really nice, tidy package!  I can probably pay for it by phone.  But, no Instacart orders were possible.  And was also plaguing me at the library!

As I dropped my due DVD's at the library outside, I included one DVD which I had BOUGHT from the library, asking them to refinish it, as it was unwatchable.  DO you think that was an unreasonable request from a PUBLIC Library?

When I got home, they had left a message on my VM, "We cannot do that because we sold it, "AS-IS," sorrry!"  Benjamin Franklin would shit in his pants.  Such bullshit.  This whole town is spectacularly retarded.

My laptop has been slowed down insufferably.  So, at home, I RESTORED it back to April 23.  AFTER that date, there was a slew of WINDOWS MODULES INSTALLATIONS, every half hour I was online!  Is this some kind of conspiracy?

YES IT A FUCKING CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GOOGLE is in EVERYTHING!  And it sends all your info back to databases, into which Microsoft, and FB, and Twitter, and Instagram, and YouTube, and all the other corporatist "progressive" rapists make their dumps, and all they have to do is twitch their pinky finger and you are toast!  People with massive computer systems can do whatever they want.

It is taking me at least an hour to make an LJ post.  LJ needs to know what is going on, here.

I am sorry I cannot post or comment more.  My online situation has become impossible.  Jujst give me a week or so, and I should be on WiFi.

Maybe it is Frontier who is slowing everything down for me, here.  Do you know, I tried to call both Illinois SNAP, and my bank, and the two numbers were busy for hours.  That is NOT normal!  And after all the extra expenses that Frontier has incurred against me, and others, let me tell them this:  The main reason I had them as my phone, was to do my dial-up internet, which they tried to SQUASH.  Now that I am switching to WiFi?  Do I really need a phone company, when I can do Vonage, and Pure Talk?  Why do I need PPC anymore, and why do I need Frontier?  I love landlines,., but this is bullshit.  Don't ever do business with Frontier.  They have been sued in the past and are as corrupt as they feel they can get away with.

I think I should sue my library.  I bought that DVD, from them, for 50 cents.  They called to say that everything was, "as-is," when nobody posted or said that when I bought the DVD's.  They sold me a defective product and now, because they are publically funded, they take no responsibility for their crap.  Which is the world that all deranged Democrats dream of, apparently.

I am so tired of this town.  The people in charge are complete, petty, officious jackasses.  I think there might be some kind of secret hiring ban over at the library, because almost all of the librarians are obese or overweight females.  And I am NOT exaggerating!  You walk in there, and try to say something, and the librarians start drilling into you irrelevant nonsense that you never asked for - just so they can pretend they are more right, and have the last word.  Because the library is some kind of battleground.  If the library cannot espouse values of decency and consideration and humanity and humility - where's it going to come from?!  My god this country has become insane.  I am going to do something about.  I don't care what you do.   But I am going to do something!

If I called the library and told them I was black, what do you think the response would have been then?  They know I'm white.  I am sorry.  I am going to tell you the reality.  Blacks.  And Dem females.  Default against white males.  It is a fact.  This is actually happening, in Illinois - THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING.  The is why everyone is leaving this state - which has consequently lost another US House Rep, because of the flight of population.  Loss of population?  It is happening in all other Democrat states.  It is a reality.  THIS progressive is interested in PROGRESS.  In a FUTURE!  These leftist Dems are tearing the country down and giving our ass over to China and to Russia.  How much longer before people WAKE UP?  These politicians don't care about people!  They care about their own power, their own houses, their own self-righteousness, their own wants, their own facade, their own lies.

On the one hand, I accomplished three degrees in human politics.  On the other hand, I have witnessed, up-close, as a poor person in poor neighbourhoods, what is going on.  AND - I am a thinker about life, politics, reality, and beyond.  There is NO ONE else you are ever going to find, ANYWHERE, who is going to tell it to you as close as it is to LIKE IT IS. Instead of dropping me, START A MOVEMENT!  These people in power are FULL OF LIES.  They play groups against each other be ause they WANT to create racial divisiveness.  Their elites prosper from chaos - their followers ARE EXPENDABLE IDIOTS.  What do they care - they are buddying up to China, and CHINA IS ON THE MOVE?!  Lets's worry about the multiplicities of genders, and how blacks deserve basically more than whites, while China expands its ships, its control of the South China Sea, etc,. etc., etc,. I am just so tired of warning people about it.

We're going to war with China, on Biden's watch.  We are going to a war WE ARE PREDETERMINED TO LOSE.  These people in power.  They are absolutely horrible.  They are racist, ignorant, aggressive morons.  They have all the corporate media at their command.  Stand yourself up against being called a racist - BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A RACIST!

Don't stand for this anymore!

The DVD I had purchased from the local library, was, "SEABISCUIT."

This movie is important to me.  Why.  Look at it.  A sure-thing failure makes it to the top, with a lot of love, and hope, and intimacy!

Who do you think might have crafted something with such high, hopeful, possible ideals?!

Someone with CFS.

The person who wrote the book, from which this movie was made, had CFS.  She had to confine herself to her house, to get it done.  The strain, the fight, the striving, the pain, the ultimate success - these are the dreams of the people whom society has washed aside - people with CFS, related fatigue illnesses, and all other marginals.  But, because we are white, somehow, our struggle is no longer relevant to the age?

No.  I am Black.  I Black Irish.  And I intend to fight.  For all the dreams of those Ulster Irish who founded this transcendent explosion of human will and democratic dreams of minds progressing into JUSTICE FOR ALL.  Peace, for all that can be done for, until we can do more.  Wealth, for all we can be done for, until we can do more.  So many act like this is now the end of an epoch, when it is only the beginning.

We cannot be alive AND NOT YET DREAM!
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  • (too tired for coffee)

    We die when there's nothing left to suprise us.

  • End of the rainbow

    OK, so finished the cleaning. Vacuum cleaner/bag didn't work, so I resorted to my little backup cleaner, but black dog hair remained on the light…

  • My journal has broken the unsound barrier.

    For some reason, my journal has been rising in the LJ popularity index. Perhaps a half a year ago, it was around 650 and today it is 141. Maybe…