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I am the person who will destroy China.

gone gone gone really gone because you done me wrong

Yesterday was a very productive, promising day. Not only cleaning, and that sort of stuff - made some calls which actually lead somewhere. I cancelled my wine club, for one thing. I called my storage locker to make sure they have my latest credit card info. After discovering that the available WiFi is no longer offering the free hour, and pre-pay for a month, or three months, I called to see if I could get three months. The man who serviced me, baby, was so nice, Eastern European. Near the end of the call, I almost forgot my next two questions, as i was melting. Then I got an Eastern European woman, who then got me a manager who was more Indiana than Eastern European. She basically set me up with indigent WiFi for only $10 a month. I just have to send them some info via the library, when I am there, probably Friday. So, that absolutely rocks. Not absolutely, because it is via Comcast, and I despise Comcast. But, it is only for a few months, or maybe a year, at most, until I can move to a new city. I need faster faster internetsurfing.

Then - I called a dental insurance place that keeps sending me fliers, just to see what their deal was. I got Morgan on the other end of the line, but her voice was so quiet, so we got her to adjust her microphone and I proceeded to fall in love. Besides that, she told me that I was already automatically signed up with them, via Medicaid. And it's not just tooth-pulling. They cover fillings and caps, etc. And there is a dentist with them right downtown. So, when I am ready, and not so concerned about COVID, I am going to see if I can get this tooth filled or canalled, plus putting a cap on my front tooth, which has been a hole in my head for a few years now. Like Alfred E. Newman. So, anyway. I did a little cute chatting with Morgan, and she definitely took to me. Something I might follow up on. She's just sitting there in a tiny town waiting for calls from obnoxious poor people. Also, I want to go get a new glasses prescription, just putting off surgery a little more. Still concerned about some lady adjusting the machine with her face 6 inches away from mine.

My new computer arrived. Although it pretty much lacks software, except the bare basics, it turned out to have a 500GB hard drive, which was much more than was advertised. So, that's great. I have a nifty set-up arranged on the table next to my bed, including my 2010 computer, and this laptop. I am currently transferring files from the 2010, to the new computer, via thumb/flash-drive. I need to edit many music files, and etc., before I can finish all this. I am expecting to completely reset my 2010, and use it as storage for music and movies. It has Windows 7, and the nice thing about that is that the Windows Media Player of that era still plays movies, unlike today. I guess you have to pay for that option, now? BTW - my 2010 computer was being connected (UDP) to IP's and, and preventing me form actually doing anything online myself. These IP's are the ultimate CHINA IP's, because China LOVES the numbers 8 and 4 and 2. And multiples. So, that's why they mainly control the IP ranges of 8, and 64, and 220, and 222, and 224, and the like. But, is about as ultimate as you can get, and so this, and the efficiency of the hack, makes me think that this is coming from some central agency. Anyway, I did catch a Trojan, and removed it - so maybe things will work now, and I just won't reset my 2010. But I will, soon enough.

Then I'm going to get it some upgrades. And also get a 2.5 floppy drive for the new computer. For either, I want a radio card, and a TV card.

This new computer diverts everything to online, especially to the Microsoft Store, and it is really disgusting. But, I plan on installing the VLC, alternate security, etc., etc., because anything I can do to resist King Gatekeeper, I'll do it.

This laptop is extremely slow online, dial-up. And recently-installed Avast is slowing things down, further. So, it is virtually impossible for me to be on LJ, other than to wait an hour to post something. (The laptop also interferes with my Am radio reception). After a week or two, I may be on WiFi, and can be back in touch. It will be nice to also return to thinking and posting, using old notes. But, the main thing is to try to get out of this place, if it's the last thing I ever do. After blowing up at the LL, I feel a new drive to push ahead. I feel better in touch with the real me. I know that most everybody else is way more fucked up than me, and there is only so much time and energy I can put into getting dragged along by a tether to other people's issues. Am I right? I just need to et out of here. I feel like I have a future, again. I can do this. The old me was great at breaking free. That's where I'm at, again. I just happen to have this chronic illness working against me. I do have, though, some new supplements that can help a little. OK, that about all. Goodnight.

Trojan is one I caught before:

PS - I made potato pancakes yesterday, as I needed to use up some aging mashed potatoes in my fridge. Turned out pretty good. Potato pancakes are so energy and time expensive. I've never used a recipe, I just keep experimenting. They are usually too moist in the middle. Not so much, this time. Turned out nice, especially the burnt ones. Deliberately burnt. If I start a band, I will call it the Burnt Potato Pancakes. Or the Chernobyl Sky Biscuits. My family calls these potato scones, btw. People in America pronounce scones as in bones. But I pronounce it as in gones. My Scotlish parents always sounded to me that they were saying it that way. But maybe it's my Midwest American Accent.

Simultaneously made some pasta. Made up some great sauce, including tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, red pepper, and so on. Cooked up precarious GF quinoa/rice pasta. GF pasta is so difficult to get right. You have to be right there, on the instant, or el dente becomes mushy pasty stuff. And even if you get it right, immediately rinsing it with cold water, it will eventually become mushy pasty if you do any of the following: Add heated sauce; put in fridge in sauce, or reheat. BUT: Pasta water is really great for culturing fungi and bacteria that you want to throw on your lawn, oh yes it is, m'hmmm. That's where spaghetti comes from.
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