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Wicker Park

Well, I am just not into LJ these days.  I have lots to write, but it just isn't happening, really.  I am a little on edge, drawing out my stay here, (this apt.), when I should be gone,  by now.

In my search for another Mazzy Star album via the Illinois library system, I came across the movie and soundtrack, "Wicker Park."  It jumps back and forth in time, which is the main gripe people who dislike the movie have about it.  I didn't like it for the first 1/3, or so, as the main character was just a creepy guy sneaking into people's apartments, and so on.  This boring pathos just dragged on and on, and we're supposed to believe that this guy is a normal person who just happens to now be obsessed like a psycho.

But, the movie is about infatuation, and it turns out that someone else is obsessing over him.  That's when the movie gets interesting.  The movie is directed by a nice guy from Glasgow; one of the stars is a German Parisian, and the second obsessor is the attractive and sullen, Rose Byrne - an Australian of Scots/Irish extraction - how could I resist?  As soon as I saw her, she was totally 'my type', appearance-wise.  Seeing her in the outtakes, etc., revealed that she is energetic, with a light sense of humour - unlike the character she played.  (I must have seen her once before, in Marie Antoinette).

This movie is also about keys, cars and phones.  And constantly trying to meet in Wicker Park, but never succeeding.  It's about deceit, as well.  Many visual tricks are employed, especially the split screen.  That way, we are bounced around in space, as the movie also bounces us around in time, confusing us.  We're not really supposed to figure out what is happening, at least until the main character does as much.  And the surprises are big ones.  And they should be, because the movie is two hours long.  Finally, as a love story, all well that ends well.

Soundtrack: Mum, Whites Stripes, Shins(?), Mazzy Star, Chris Martin / Cold Play, etc., so, pretty good.  Stupid movie that ended up working for me.  When watching, one needs to both pay attention and tumble about like a puppy in a paper bag.  Strange.  I also watched a movie I once was completely unable to get a half an hour into: Dan In Real Life, as I learnt it was a Peter Hedges film.  I guess I was more able to tolerate the drabness of it this time.  I like movies where people say things without actually saying things.  Where thoughts or meanings are hidden, and needing to be discovered.  The problem with this method, though, is that the audience won't see anything if the audience isn't in the mood to look.  This holds true regarding, "Wicker Park," as well.
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