I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

DNC Dems have to devolve EVERYTHING into RACISM.

So, I made my way to the library yesterday, despite a little CFS.  Mainly worked on bank stuff while burning CDs.  My request for, "Slacker," was finally fulfilled, (after months of waiting - then talking to a librarian).  So good to see this movie after so many years.

Also carried a little laundry along in big backpack.  So, I went to laundromat and took care of that.  Noticed one patron man wasn't wearing a mask, while blabbering on phone.  Then I noticed a couple had their masks pulled down around their necks.  Then saw a female with no mask, also moving all over the place and talkign on phone.  Here I am, hardly breathing, doing my duty, wearing a mask like some others, respecting the sign on the door, "Must cover nose and mouth with mask!"  People not wearing masks: black.  People wearing masks: white and Hispanic.

I confronted the attendee, who said it was too hard to enforce the rule, because he didn't want to get beat up.  This is insane.  "Then why do you have a sign up!"  So, I walked out, looking for the office, which was closed.  Walked to ATM, then walked to Sheriff's Police.  Informed nice cop all about this.  He told me to tell the city police, but we chatted more and he pretty much said he's tell the city police, since I was out of breath, needed to get back to my laundry, and didn't have time for trouble.  Asked only that an eye be kept on this place.  And that they not go down there now, as I didn't need to be hasselled, w/ CFS, and no car.

Went back to laundromat and the entire place was now completely devoid of people!  I'm pretty sure several people knew I was up to something and so took off, others, just coincidence.  So, that was funny.  And just fine.  As I was walking home, I saw a city police car coming from that direction, but no idea if cops had gone there.  Also: I am walking along, big backpack, plus my other Igloo bag over my shoulder, but not dressed badly.  A woman stops her car in the street and asks where I am going.  "Home?"  So, she offers to give me a ride.  She had no mask on, and didn't put one on when I entered the car.  Nice lady.  Amber, with her toddler charge, Hendrix, who looked like my older brother when he was a kid, but far cuter.

She said she thought I might be homeless.  I told her I walk for my health and to save money.  She said her husband walks to work.  She has lived in this city all her life, and was homeless here for a while.  Her grandmother owned a restaurant, once.  She dropped me off and, as usual, A-hole Guy was either watching, or got word of this, and was soon revving up his angry motorcycle outside the house, then screaming it through the streets.  His jealousy of me is crazy - or it is simply a black demand that no white guy gets to be free in his neighbourhood.  Which he thinks he owns - as he has said he owns public property as well as the very house I live in.  He is insistent that I am some kind of problem; everything he does is based on lies, and he gets his way with others by threatening violence.  Then, you've got the blacks in the laundromat acting like they are privileged citizens - or else!

How are they not like the idiocy coming from BLM and it's protests - based on lies?  They have no clue - or don't care - or want it this way - how they are making things worse for EVERYONE.  By asserting their stupidity, they are pulling this country towards third-world status.  I don't care if it's genes, or if it's poor education, or culture, or anger, or hate, or selfishness - it's BAD.  It's bullcrap.  And the Democrat leaders, in their ivory McMansions, are all encouraging this, throwing billions of dollars at it, supplying and directing the riots.  Paid for by China, Soros, and a snowballing deficit which will further shackle us to China, and crush the poor with spiralling inflation.  And sane people are fleeing the bigger, Democrat-run cities, pouring into red states - which is just fine with the PARTY.  It may be a main reason they have been sponsoring this strife, just as it has been their policy to bring in millions of aliens - so they can swing red and purple states to vote Democrat.  Just like everything else they do: The only thing that matters is Party POWER, by whatever means possible.  This country is in serious trouble.  And it harrows me that almost all blacks are just eating this up - critical race theory; misrepresented statistics; lies; pandering; rewritten history; resentment; reparations; violence - RACISM!  They turned me away - one of their strongest, most progressive supporters.  Now, they have become like mean, selfish, emotional zombies, feeding off their cars and cellphones, and all the other technology that whites and Asians have brought them, thinking that they are somehow better than everybody else.  It's disgusting, sad - and an outrage.

Anyway, I am now crossing my fingers that I don't come down with COVID, from wherever.  I really don't need that.  I don't know how my dog will be fed, etc.  So, I have been megadosing on vitamin D, zinc, magn, C, fish oil, etc.  There is also the issue of me possibly being attacked out of the blue, for no reason, since I am a white male and I live in a black area, pretty much in the centre of the Tragic Triangle.  I wasn't born here, I didn't ask for this, I am not even a citizen of this fucked-up country.  If anyone deserves reparations it is the likes of me.  Stop thinking racism, and start thinking the poor, the disabled, the independent in thought or will.  This black racism crap is no different than Starbucks taking over the artsy, bohemian areas of Austin, and every other city.  It's just the same American Imperialism, in a new package, and thousands of people are being made millionaires by it.  I don't know why it is so hard for people to wake up and see what is actually going on.  Don't rely on CNN, for that.  As said by one of CNN's top dogs: "Fear sells!"

CNN is on record for working with the Dems to defeat TrumpCNN has been working to hang Matt Gaetz.  See Project Veritas, which has also advanced a groundbreaking law suit against the NYT biases.  And see Alan Dershowitz.  It has always been true for this country: The only hope is in law suits.  And whistle-blowers.  What happens when it gets to the point where we run out of money, and can't afford law suits anymore?  What will reign after that?  You tell me.

PS - Some of my LJ friends were all supportive and hopeful when the BLM protests began, thinking real injustice was being addressed, and not even aware of the lies and corruption going on behind the scenes. Rather than see their own mistake, some of them dropped me. And, they all seemed to live in highly white, hermetically sealed areas. If you live in a white or Republican city or state, please open your mind to what is going on in the more dysfunctionalising cities on the map, or the same problems will come to where you live. You will be affected, one way or another - economically - by the crime that the Dems are importing - by the shootings - or, even probably, by civil war. No one moves ahead by being in denial. Check out my series - Democrats in Denial. Their denial is the whole reason why we have gotten to this place. But it isn't denial for their politicians, the people at the top, the media, the NBA, Big Tech - They are all MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT.
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