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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Family Gathering From Hell

Our little cultural revolution, where historical statues have been torn down, schools renamed, cartoon characters banned, and people canceled for saying anything disagreeable to The Party, has it's inspiration in the Maoist Cultural Revolution, which was a violent purge of tradition, capitalism, and human lives, from 1966-1976, throughout China.  In fact, the NBA, which receives money from China, virtually bows to that country, as they complain about American racism.  China is possibly the most racist country on Earth.  Because they, the Hans, are basically all one big happy family.  And they are persecuting Caucasian Moslems, harvesting their body parts, and essentially eliminating them through genocide.  And, as we did to Jew-killing Hitler, WE ARE APPEASING CHINA.

Anyway, here is some interesting reading on Wiki.  During Mao's Cultural revolution, which resulted in tens of millions of murders, there were also instances of mass cannibalism.  Not that there was any kind of famine going on.  People just got it into their heads to eat other people - the politically incorrect people.  I'm sure they would have removed gold fillings first, before boiling their meals.  Here are some excerpts from the Wiki page, Guangxi Massacre...


The Guangxi Massacre was a series of events involving lynching and direct massacre in Guangxi during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).[1][2][3][4][5] The official record shows an estimated death toll from 100,000 to 150,000.[1][4] Methods of slaughter included beheading, beating, live burial, stoning, drowning, boiling and disemboweling.[1][6] In certain areas including Wuxuan County and Wuming District, massive human cannibalism occurred even though no famine existed; according to public records available, at least 137 people—perhaps hundreds more—were eaten by others and at least thousands of people participated in the cannibalism.[1][2][3][4][5][7][8] Other researchers have pointed out that in one county alone, 421 people had been eaten, and there were reports of cannibalism across dozens of counties in Guangxi.[4][7]

Documents also record a variety of forms of cannibalism, including eating people as an after-dinner snack, slicing off the meat in big parties, dividing up the flesh so each person could take a large chunk home, barbecuing or roasting the liver, and so on.[5][9][10]

According to Yan Lebin (晏乐斌), a member of the Ministry of Public Security who joined both of the investigation groups:[1]

In 1968, 38 people in Wuxuan County were eaten, and 113 officials of the county participated in eating human flesh, hearts and livers. Chen Guorong (陈国荣), a peasant from Guigang County who happened to pass by Wuxuan, was caught and killed by local militia because he was fat; his heart and liver were taken out while his flesh was distributed to 20 people. A female militia leader ate 6 human livers in total, and cut the genitals of 5 men and soaked them in alcohol which she would drink later, claiming that these organs were beneficial to her health. The behavior of eating human flesh, hearts and livers occurred in many counties of Guangxi including Wuxuan, Wuming, Shangsi, Guigang, Qinzhou, Guiping, and Lingyun......After the "Committee of Revolution" was established in Shangsi County, a "killing conference" was held at Pingshan Square (平山广场) on September 1, 1968, during which more than 10 officials and civilians were beaten to death. After the conference, a committee member, Li Hao (黎郝), removed the hearts and livers from the corpses, sauteing them and preparing them as dishes for other representatives who attended the conference.

According to Song Yongyi, a Chinese historian who works at the California State University, Los Angeles:[2][4][7][12]

Independent researchers in Guangxi counted a total of 421 people who were eaten in a single county. But there were reports of cannibalism across 27 counties in Guangxi; that's two-thirds of all the counties in Guangxi. There was one man who was said to be in the so-called fifth category, who was beaten to death where he stood. He had two kids, one of 11 and one of 14. The local officials and armed militia said that it was important to eradicate such people, and so they not only killed those two children: they ate them too. This took place in Pubei county, Guangxi, where 35 people were killed and eaten in total. Most of them were rich landowners and their families. There was one landowner called Liu Zhengjian whose entire family was wiped out. He had a 17-year-old daughter, Liu Xiulan, who was gang-raped by nine people [for 19 times] who then ripped open her belly, and ate her liver and breasts. There were so many incidents like this.

According to Frank Dikötter, Chair Professor of Humanities at the University of Hong Kong, Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution of Stanford, and winner of the 2011 Samuel Johnson Prize:[13]

Throughout 1967 but also '68, there are factions in the countryside that start not just eliminating each other physically, but literally in a couple of small towns they start ritualistically eating each other. In other words, it is not enough to eliminate your class enemy. You have to eat his heart, so there are very well-documented cases of ritual cannibalism.[14]
There was a hierarchy in the consumption of class enemies. Leaders feasted on the heart and liver, mixed with pork, while ordinary villagers were allowed only to peck at the victims’ arms and thighs.[15]

ME -
Not to draw too close a parallel. But if we hit some kind of economic, or etc., speed bump, who knows how bad our own little purge might get? People assume that Democrat leaders are these wonderful anti-racist, pro-science saviours, when that really isn't true. Look at the history of the party:
- Jim Crow
- Japanese in internment camps
- Wars
- Sex crimes in office
- Running drugs into Mexico and Africa
- Concocting lies to impeach a president.
- Massacring thousands of people in unsafe group and nursing homes.
- Allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country just to gain more votes.

I wouldn't trust them. They lie like psychopaths. What would they do if something happened to our food supply? They would probably eat you. I think the next big craze coming from their direction just might be wildly popular cannibalism parties. They thrive by creating crises. "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Who said that? Rom Emmanuel. But, before him? Confucius. Dazed and Confucius....   See also:
Cannibalism in China
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