I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Destiny in the key of C, F and G.

I bought a little guitar a few years ago.  Turned out to be too small for my fingers, as it was some kind of child thing.  I gave it to Bee Girl for free, hoping one of her boys would take it up.  Not to pat myself on the back, but I am always looking for ways to help people - society.  Bee Girl was amazing.  Black, did I mention?  Just in case.

I got here and cried, and the Nethers slammed doors at me because crying is crazy.  I also tried to sing, and play the harmonica, but the new old man downstairs had other ideas.  I have been battling this retrograde for like 7 years now?  I have pushed that back, by every possible means, including acting like a dangerous crazy person.

I am now ordering an electric guitar set - this time, hopefully! attuned to grown-up fingers, fgs!  And I will also get that C double-decker Hohrner.  And, maybe a Casio.  I cannot help myself.  I was born to make music.  Why am I here in this hopeless place?  I would rather buy instruments than find a new apartment, that's how stupid I am.  But.  We shall see.

I auditioned for three bands in the past. One band said I sounded like David Bowie, and dismissed me, even though I can sound like what anyone wants me to sound like, lol. I remember auditioning for a trance-techno band in some guy's high-rise apartment in Philly. He forced me to yell my lyrics out the window, as if to humiliate me. Seriously, if only these swamp creatures would tell you what they want, they'd seriously get5 way ahead in life. It reminds me of this asshole neighbour. He has always been ignoring me, although walking on this property, because A-hole Guy told him I am evil, because I don't settle for this whole race-versus-races bullcrap, or what-have-you.

This guy is now trying to sell the house next door, because he came to discover that it is a losing deal. Too many problems. Shootings, deaths, you know? How hard has he tried to sell this losing proposition? Not very hard. Because he has never approached me, even though I could buy it, if I was a similar idiot. Instead, he chimes in with all the hate directed towards me. Never thinking once of extending himself. And this is why Democrats are ultimately failures. Because they are all about morality, and the morality has nothing to do with reality - it is just something in their heads to make them feel superior. Purityranicals!  Money is secondary to that. And so, the Dems send out all this money, because they don't have a clue about how reality works. It's all about feeling better.

Wait for feeling better. When they're pulling the fillings out of your teeth and bulldozing you into mass graves. God, why am I even here?
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