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I am the person who will destroy China.

Music always saves!

I really like and honour the intermix of religion, groupism and individuality, often known as crime, in the growing USA.  This movie places us halfway between the taming to the West - cowboys and all that stuff - and the 1960's.  It was one continuous line.  Until JFK got assassinated.

It spans from Kentucky to Oklahoma, culturally. People in Mississippi were white and black - but not all black - and not all white.  It was a commingling of poor people.  The feeling of adventure, and open opportunity, inspired everyone to rise out of the depression - including lots, and lots, of criminal types.  But, the biggest thing was: religion.  Stupid fuck religion got America through the depression.  It makes me wonder about now.

If you look into the Bible, you will see all these warnings about liars, and false prophets, and sycophants - which is all we have been getting in recent months.  The right wing is in a fury.  And decent, honest, real liberals are waiting for someone or something to rescue them from this inane, dangerous torpor.  We are entering bad, bad times.  It would do a body good to stick a head out and survey the landscape.

"Man Of Constant Sorrow"
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