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Spicey McHaggis Strikes Again

I have been very ill, or trying to pull out of it, since maybe 3/25.  I had hoped to go to library yesterday, but still too sick.  Today, library closes at 3:pm, and I actually had a chance to get there by noon, but I bent down to pick something and sprained my back.  Decided I shouldn't attempt the trip, especially since I would be hauling things back in my pack, from store, etc.  Looking forward to walking the tracks, etc., now that it is warm again.  I tried slipping up, out the overpass embankment when there was snow and ice around, and almost toppled to join that deer, presumably now in the sky somewhere.

I ate a bunch of pesto sauce and now I am drinking a late (not latte) mocha, munching walnuts, maybe rice chips.  I really wanted to get to Walgreens, Friday eve., because of a girl there.  Girls are the only thing that motivate me.  That and perverse CL ads.  American Express keeps sending me mail telling me to apply, so I did, and they declined.  Now, hopefully, they will go away, and help rid us of the surplus recyclables.  I will be slow getting back to LJ, as my brain remains cloudy, and tired.  That sentence was supposed to lead to something else, but I forgot what I was going to say.  I am not checking my inbox, as I no longer do that when I am ill, due to stress.  Sorry.  I hope you have a great big Eggster!
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