I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Mmmm! When you know it's white, it's GOT to be bad! :)

All these megalithic Biden changes, attempting to be made, I just know they are all bad.  Very easy to figure out.  Want to know why they are all bad, and should be banned, and legs pulled off under a magnifying glass?

Because Joe Biden is white!

Critical Racists know that white is the root of all problems, and all of this noise and nonsense is the work of the devil, even though we are amoral and junkies too.  Our job will not be done until the last light is put out and everyone ends up in the dark ages.  This way, our senses deprived, we can see a better future, through hallucination!*  Sounds likie a plan!

Must comply.  Must abort.  Must comply.  Must abort.

They are lying to you.  Arguing about unrealities.  Dazzling you with labels and fear.  Let them do your thinking for you.

China is a giant Angler Fish.  In seas of dark money.  It's tiny suitors bite into the side of her, and are gradually digested to become a part of her.  She lures her prey with a shiny bright light hanging over her head and then, woops, down the throat we go.  It's lights out for everyone but China.

We've taken the first bite.  We've been drawn to the lies.  The Dems think they are wise, selling us over to China.

Hong Kong!  Into the Angler Fish!  Tibet!  Into the Angler Fish!  South China Sea!  Uyghers!  Taiwan!  We all go into the Angler Fish!

* See upcoming, fascinating hallucinatory post!  Just too tired to continue right now.

PS - I never got a $1400 apportionment.  Things look fishy.  For instance, even though past 'checks' have gone directly into my checking account, this time around, I am first supposed to file a tax form.  For years, and years, I have not made enough income to need to file for taxes, so says the rules.  They are using this bribe, (that bride), to get me (and others) to file for no reason.  I think it is appropriate to be wary of the IRS, these days, considering that the country is spiralling into tyranny.  As we shall also be spiralling into inflation.  Which drowns the poor.  And I won't have that $1400 raft.  Because I am feeling like not taking the bait.  I've been railing against Dems since what, 2012?  When all this began to roll, during Obama, whom I once supported, as a Democrat?!   Maybe they've been reading my journal.  Or anything that I send into the internet.  If they stupidly come after me, one day, though.  Do you know what?  I have a dirty little secret.

It's called the Australian Embassy.

(Ironic: Goodbye, G. Gordon Liddy, hello, jack-booted thugs).
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