You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

Men are vagina-deprived lust-fucks.

Do you know what male power is?

You've got all these females who are physically inferior to you.

But that isn't the game.  The game is that you are constantly attacked by all other males, all of your life.

And the only thing you want to do is lie down and let your penis explode.  That's all you want.  A naked woman throwing her hair all over you.

Which is crazy, because all boys know that girls are ridiculous. Pointless. Weak. And very silly.

I'm making a point, here.

It's only this constant barrage of jackass idiot males that makes us resort to lying down with these silly girls.

Females are our only, one, true redemption.

But it's just because of this constant war of males against us.

You want to know what capitalism is?

It's the great flight of males away from this onslaught.

Into every possible corner of security.

It's not the big advance against all other races.

It's an attempt to escape.  All the other white people!

It's been gong on since the dawn of time.

In Africa.  In Eurasia.  In Anywhere.

We are being called white racist supremacists, because we continue to run from this perpetual onslaught?

And all we want is a stupid girl to stand with us?

A stupid girl, who never grew up, as we wished we never grew up.

A stupid girl who keeps loving and giving and believing, because all we ever wanted was to believe was that life was meaningful and fair?

A stupid girl who's voice-box never descended, because we never wanted to talk with authority.  We never wanted to push other people around.  We only wanted love.

And our whole life, our whole success, is defined by stupid girls.

Who are children with boobs.

Very refined, wonderful children with little voices, and boobs.

For this, men make wars, destroy waves of technology, and do everything completely evil.

All for the want of boobs.

Am I wrong?

Critical race theory needs to get woke to me.

My readers know there is way more going on.

Keep reading.  We're going to make history, here.
Tags: my rants

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