I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Throwing in his Bid en....

Joe Biden has announced that he plans to run for reelection in 2024.  Which is great because everyone wants 8 years of this complete, illegal insanity.  Very reassuring.  Yeah, like everybody wanted a wall around WDC.  And the crisis at the border.  And antagonism from Russia and China.  But friends with Islamonazis.  And 80,000 jobs lost, with the stroke of a pen, with no access to hi-tech solar panel jobs, because that was another lie.  And counting - massive inflation in four years.

This career politician can somehow just read us like a book, right?  Knows exactly what we need.  And you wonder why I am going so nuts lately.

They claim to be helping the poor.  They are not helping the poor!  They are helping themselves to POWER.  I am poor.  I am getting free money.  It's not going to help me, down the road.  The better-off people sit back and remark that, yes, this is helping the poor.  It is destroying the entire country.  Inflation hurts the poor the most.  So, they can pretend all they want.  They are the enemies of the people - just like the media.  Store-bought.  Dark money.  China.  And billionaires.

And the pro-Democrat media is kept from viewing the children in crisis at the border.

There is this girl on LJ, who was all up and loud about BLM.  So, she put herself up front in a protest march.  Like all of those marches, it got diverted down streets that were never arranged, legally.  Like stupid, damn lemmings.  That's the story of what is going on all over the place, now.  People being led around by the rings in their noses. Patting themselves on the backs for being morally wonderful.

Biden is up there like some authority.  He is constantly spouting lies and mistakes.  "It's sick.  People don't get water, standing in line.  The polls are being closed at 5:pm.  Trump is to blame for everything.  Including my incompetence and deceit."

"And for stealing the election.   Because white.  White white white."

Hailey. Gun. Garbage bin. Just one more scandal people need to look up.

This is the biggest fuck-up I have ever seen, in all my life.

They are following the fascist CHINA model.

In ten years, China will be dirt. According to most economists. But these Yahoos are so in bed with China, they might just turn the tables on that.

When they crucified Trump Jesus, so ignorantly. What did he say? "They don't know what the hell they're doing!"
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