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It's impressive how I can do a little rant like that, and suddenly the internet opens right back up to me.   I don't know if this is the FBI, or China, or what.  But don't blow it, dudes.  I don't want to start threatening invisible entities.

Today's post is about the movie, "Hot Fuzz."  This is part two in the Cornetto ice cream trilogy.  These two ridiculous blokes really love each other, in real life, and you get a hint of that near-homosexuality at some point in the movie.

If you can tolerate and understand Englishness?  Every five seconds of this movie is hilarious.  There are a few phrasings in this movie that are so perfectly English funny, it makes you expire.  Right there in your shoes.

I love the English language.  I really do.  That's a thing that the Irish do.  They love it and take it further.  I really don't know why I am so transfixed by the English language, like a cat looking at a ball of yarn.  Really, it's pretty sad, when you think about it.  pffft.  So what.  Do your math.

When this movie gets to the point where it starts blaming the town for being an entire conspiracy, that's when things get a little annoying.   But, you have to forgive it, because what it is doing is returning back to Englishness - all the pomp and strictures.  Most Americans won't get that.  Because most Americans replace that with shooting your mouth off and blowing through roadblocks.  Because, you know.  Freedom.

But, what I like most about this movie?  It makes fun of the back-folk.  The country bumms.  It's absolutely hilarious.  They're all eating cake and gossipping and tamping down anything important.  It's totally spot-on, for rural England, for rural America.  I can totally see this movie, as being representative of the backwater swamp silliness I have seen here.

And it all gets rolled into a psycho killer dramedy?  Absolutely.  Of course.  This is better than Monty Python.  You've got to watch those English people, fiddling with their nethers, continuing to decline, in spectacular glory.  It's great.  It just bothers me how they're all hip on American pop, and trying to imitate it.  Hugh Laurie, for example.  Bothers the fuck out of me.  Get your own damn pop culture.  ha, ha, ha.

I love England, and shall always.

Despite what some of them did to us.

And, some of them need to get their protestant heads out of their boring asses. But that's fine.

England or bust. You couldn't expect much better from this global gaggle of sodden jerkwads. Right? England is about the best there is. Which isn't saying much, lol.

When we all plummet into infinity?  We can say...

At least we tried.
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