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I am the person who will destroy China.

Innocence beguiled.

"Never Been Kissed," apparently set the standard for subsequent H.S. Teen Romantic Comedies, including, "Mean Girls," and, "She's The Man."  I'll do a fuller post on it later.  But, for anyone who claims that women can't do comedy?  Drew Barrymore puts this to bed.  That door-slam is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

I think I am going to write to Drew Barrymore.  Back when Ashley and I were together, she saw me as her Adam Sandler, and I saw her as my Drew Barrymore.  But that's not enough to build a relationship upon.

How great that Biden continues to destroy the world.  And I am somehow a racist for calling it out.  "Project Veritas" published pics of kids lying in plastic, almost on top of each other.  They won't open schools because of COVID, but somehow this is fine.  It's a crisis.  Because Biden changed the policy.  Yet, they are still blaming everything on Trump.  It's absolutely disgusting.

Biden tries to act like tough Trump, calls Putin a killer, and the next thing that happens?  Something that foreign policy experts have been trying to avert for decades.  Russia and China are now in a defense accord. Anyone who knows anything about history or diplomacy?  Knows this is insanely irresponsible.

Meanwhile, Biden, et al, is trying to pit race against race.  He's spent trillions upon trillions of dollars, in the first TWO MONTHS.  They've got virtually secret legislation seeking to OWN all future elections, and limit gun rights.

They are all rationalising their actions by some so-called "insurrection" which never happened, when all the violence has been coming from BLM, and Antifa, and governors marching alongside.  Isn't anyone going to speak up about this perversity, other than me?  You wait for the dollar to fall.  You'll be screaming bloody hell.  And they will be chanelling you down the streets to attack anyone but the people who brought this on.

Now, we've got more shooter displays, which are often produced by the CIA, justifying them taking everyone's guns away.  Which will be fine when China and Russia invade.  Just fine and great.  Idiocy!  70 executive orders in the first few months?  And nobody is seeing this?!  That's the definition of dictatorship!

When they ran, they refused to say they planned to ban the filibuster.  Now they are saying it must be banned, because it is racist!  Even though Senator Obama used it fluently.   They refused to say they planned to add WDC and Puerto Rico as states.  Now they are trying to add them, and if you dissent, you are a racist.

They plan on packing SCOTUS.  Something that Dems were opposed to back n the days of FDR!  This country is under attack.  They are rich corporatists AFTER POWER.

They're advertising a spike in attacks against Asians.  The evidence shows this is not actually happening.  And the majority of attacks are from BLACKS.   But the media keeps fudging to make it look like this is a concerted white supremacist attack on minorities.  It isn't.  And Trump isn't to blame, because the virus actually DID come from China.

People need to wake up.  We are lifting our glorious posterior in the direction of China, and everybody just seems fine with this.  Because everyone is so damned afraid to be called a racist.

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