I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Throwing Muses

The album, "Limbo,' by the Throwing Muses, is one of the greatest rock albums of all time

Do you know that Kurt Cobain referred to one of the Muses' albums as one of their greatest, most inspirational albums?  Can't neme it for you here.  A one-word title.  Possibly, "University."

I have a few Muses albums, from 1989 to the 2010's, I guess.  Limbo is incredible.  But, before Limbo, I was running around in my car with Belly, and Pixies, and Muses going on.  By far, the best Muses album was, "The Real Ramona."  Incredible stuff.  Fantastic driving music.  I really don't see anything better than this.  Check them out;  I named you two albums.  The Throwing Muses.  Do you know that the only reason why the Pixies ever got signed was because the Throwing Muses knew and referred them?  Go to the source.  Always go to the source.
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