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Less Than Wanted

Right before Avril Lavigne hit, Vanessa Calrton was a pop rock superstar.  She took up the Girly Rock reigns from Lisa Loeb and Belly.  She was a gigantic flash in the pan and then no one ever heard from her again.  I guess she had some kind of psychological issues, dating a producer, and all that, which sometimes can ruin a career.  She's been a Nowhere Girl ever since 2002.  Pretty amazing.  I think one of her songs, which weirdly mocked her audience, "More Than Wanted," might have spelt the end for her, unwittingly.  One of the girls in the Cafe Saga reminded me of her.  Wiki has a 1980 pic which makes her look hot.  She is no longer hot.  Less than wanted.

BTW - Looking up Loeb, in Reality Bites...  A year ago, I found I could no long watch that movie, because it is so thickly narcissistic.  I never liked the selfish, brooding male character, but now I can't watch any of it.  So, I discovered a lawsuit going on against this movie, which is pretty silly, here it is...

In 2005, the real Dyer (a film financier) sued writer Childress, producer DeVito, and director Stiller.[28] Dyer claimed that after the 2004 release of the 10th anniversary DVD, in which screenwriter Childress stated on audio commentary tracks that she wrote the story based on her actual college friends and roommates, he was forced to deal with past and potential clients' "inquiries as to whether he was the fictional character".[28] The defendants attempted to seek shelter under California's anti-SLAPP statutes, but in early 2007 the appeals court denied them SLAPP protection.[28] The suit was quickly settled after Dyer received a written document from Childress stating he was not the person portrayed in the film.[29]

Note: Diplomatic meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska degenerates into hour-long bitchfest, lol. What a dangerous joke this gang is.
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