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Beware, the Masked Marauders!

By March of 2017, Trump had given 5 press conferences. As of today, Biden has given none. It was obvious in how Hidin' Biden avoided the press during the campaign, and how he approached the debates, that he was messed up - going downhill fast. The Dems used the virus to hide this reality from the public.

Biden just sat on his hands, knowing that the election was rigged in his favour. And I mean rigged, in technical, in organisational, and in legal ways. Biden promised that his would be the most transparent administration in history, as he lied on fracking, as he lied on their plan to pack SCOTUS, and so on.

President Houseplant has yet to give a press conference. His press secretary avoids the essence of virtually all questions put to her. He came in and signed an obscene amount of executive orders, many of which we still know nothing of. The Dems wanted to pull this off ASAP, before Biden croaked, and before the public awoke to what Biden really is, a stooge, a front-man, a puppet.

And, uh, wasn't there supposed to be a State of The Union Address, like, months ago?

Fauci has gladly swooned to the side of the Dems, and towed their line, saying we must still wear masks, even if we have been vaccinated, or have already had COVID. Which is a lie, and contrary to science. We are supposed to live under a mask until the great Joe Biden says, "Happy Independence Day!"

This is so even though Houseplant today announced that 100 million people have been vaccinated, taking credit for the unprecedented work that Trump had accomplished. Even the NYT and Washington Post chided the administration for lying that there were no vaccines available, and no foundation in place, when they came into office. All they do is lie! I warned you about this.

This trend of Democrats in Denial (see tags) has only been worsening, into a psychological disorder, a pathology which could only end in nothing but lies and dysfunction. The BLM and Antifa movements, funded by Soros and China, were themselves premised upon lies. The WDC incident on January 6, so suspiciously convenient to their corrupt movement, was promptly turned into a lie.

What was a field day by protesters, commandeered by nefarious agents, actually carried NO guns inside the Capital Building - and yet the incident has been called, "an insurrection."  Something like 14 gun charges have been placed, even though there were no guns!  How messed up is that?  Political.  Like a 3rd world country.

No, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Harris, McConnell - THESE are the insurrectionists. I don't care what is their agenda. Even if it were something I agreed with 100%, their lies, and their bully tactics, and their cheating, and their profound corruption, says to me they all should have been driven out of town on a rail months ago.

They hide their corruption behind the masks of COVID. They lie to us, that we need to keep wearing masks, for many more months, just to have us consent to their power grabs, like sheep. None of them have held a job outside of politics, and so they really know nothing about the people.

What they do know is how to fudge, how to mislead, how to misrepresent, and how to shift blame - to hold onto power. This is completely disgusting, and if Washington, or any of the others, saw this, they would immediately be up in arms, once again.

Well, as Fauci lies to us that we need to keep up the masks, what do they do to WDC, based on their lies? They surround the entire central Capital with a mask made of steel and razor wire. They are fine with opening up the border to waves of illegal immigrants, some of whom carry COVID, but they use COVID as a rationale to stifle the public, destroy small businesses, and heap money on Democrat states and cronies, all of which are dysfunctional. But they wall off the centre of democracy.  Just take Cuomo as an example of this crap.

Cuomo was constantly screaming that Trump was errant, that he must send NY thousands of ventilators, that he is the reason that people are dying. These Dems persecuted Trump for false sex crimes, among so many other things, and Cuomo turns out to have killed at least 12,000 people in or from nursing homes and group homes, which lacked PPE - and the Dems try to throw a cloud of smoke over these crimes by attacking him for sexual assaults, which may or may not be true - who knows, anymore?! It's just a constant parade of nonsense.

But, this Cuomo, he's a complete fuck-up, and a psycho narcissist who refuses to give up his power. "People die! What are ya gonna do?!" God, get wise to how people lie. There some real monsters out there, and they all look like you and me.

Down at the border, where it was not DONALD TRUMP, but Biden's executive orders causing this, children are pouring through the now-porous border. Remember when Trump built cages and put children in them - oh, wait! That was Obama/Biden! Today, children are being put back into cages and shipping containers and, finally, one or two media outlets is calling this what it is - a crisis.

The DNC Dems DO NOT CARE about brown children. They care about bringing in as many illegals as possible, to their own detriment, so they will vote for Democrats. That's all this is - it has nothing to do with caring about brown people or giving hope to children. And they still shift blame from themselves over to Trump. It's complete, irresponsible insanity.

And, are they transparent about what is going on? Nope. They put a mask on that, too. Keeping people from taking pictures, and so on, of the children in their hidden plight. Look out, kids, you are in the ownership of some kind of masked bandito. Biden Bandito, aka, President Houseplant. And anyone who raises the fact that this policy is messed up, then that means you are afraid of brown people.

Doesn't matter if Central American children are being raped by Coyotes.  "Coyotes!  The right thinks that coyotes are attacking people at the border.  Shows you how informed the Dems are, these days.

Ultimately, anything you say, if you are white, means you are a racist. And these are the people who claim to follow the science. They're completely full of shit. If they cared about brown people, they would change a policy which leads to kids being molested and raped, and so on. For god's sake, the socialist president of Mexico is opposed to this policy, because it is empowering drug lords. Violent, killer drug lords. "Absolutely, Joy, it's part of their play-book, to fear brown people."

Nancy Pelosi said something a month or two ago, about harm being done to Asian Americans. That was the first I had heard of it. It seemed she was manufacturing an issue, in order to please China. (Remember, California Dem politicians are all in bed with China). Maybe that was happening in her state, Democrat California. But, I really never heard of anything like that going on in the country.

Then, the Dems quickly seized on this theme, of white supremacist attacks on Asians, prompted by Trump, calling the virus Chinese, which it was, when along comes this shooter in Georgia. I don't know if Pelosi might have set this up, or not. I completely do know that there have been set-up shooters in the past, by the CIA. I unabashedly understand this to be so.

Whatever, they seized on this shooter to blame Trump and more white supremacists. Well, no one knows if this was a race-based shooting, in fact. It had something to do with this guy's sex addiction. But that doesn't matter to Dems. They turn it into a white supremacist shooting.

They did the same thing with the Pittsburgh shooter, claiming he was white supremacist, when he was a Demoncrat.

Do you know which group is causing violent attacks against Asians in this country? It isn't whites. It isn't Asians. It's blacks, most of whom are Democrats. And who's behind 3 of every 4 violent attacks against blacks? It's blacks, most of whom are Democrats. So much for white supremacism, sponsored by Donald Trump.

On the other hand, the Biden administration has ended a Trump suit against Harvard because it was discriminating against successful Asian students. Schools that reward by merit end up with a lot of Asians succeeding. So, Democrat schools stop this, and instead support black and Hispanic students. This is happening in schools in California, New York, and elsewhere. It's racism, by Democrats.

So, the whole thing about harm being done to Asians? Not Republicans. Democrats. Dems are forever taking their own sins and projecting them onto Republicans, and it's high time that people saw through this. We have let our hearts convince us that Dems mean best, when they have hijacked our hearts and made a mess of our cities, all to the benefit of their own wealth and power. See through it.

I don't care what are the policies they profess. You know criminals by the tools they use. What they say is completely untrustworthy. Their economic ideas are completely destructive. Their moral character is all racism! They are the complete opposite of what they pretend to be. Watch the masks! You can still see their lips moving! They are lying! LYING!

Beware these masked marauders! They run off and get their hair done, sit in gatherings at restaurants, march alongside protestors, while at the same time telling you, and schools, and churches, to put on your mask and shut the f**k up. Such colossal hypocrisy - it doesn't even need fiction to mock it - it's already supremely, blatantly absurd.

More on this, later. But, it isn't so much the vaccines that are pushing back COVID. We are already reaching herd immunity, with out without the vaccines. I know that sounds crazy, but I will explain later. The thing is, Fauci, and the Dems, already know this. They, personally, never took the virus seriously, as well. Their masks were all for show, theatre.

Deaths from COVID were not from COVID, but from 'comorbidities." Doctors were paid to report deaths due to COVID, even if they were due to gunshots. The number report, "COVID-related Deaths," not COVID deaths. In this country, you only have a few thousand deaths attributable to COVID alone.

This whole thing has been a great shell game. A charade. A maneuvering behind the screens we have all been wearing. Sometimes, illegally, by threat of arrest.

Nothing like this has ever happened in this free country, ever before. It needs to stop immediately.
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