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This 2013 article doesn't really say anything anyone doesn't already know.  I'll add...  unlike Italians, the Irish in America have no government-mandated national holidays, even though they are, with the Scots, probably about 20% of the population, at least.  (Probably 60% of the population has some Irish in them).  We don't have an Irish history month.  We don't have reservations where we rake in dollars from casino's.  We don't have non-profits defending the rights of the Irish.  We do get to be called white supremacists a lot, even though it was mainly the Irish who fought in the Civil War, and so on.

It's fashionable to act the victim these days, so that's what I'm doing.  But I don't really care, because I just am happy with who I am, Irish - "Dalriadan Irish."  However, when I feel under attack for being white, well then, I tend to get jumpy and want to fight back.  Why?  That's the Irish thing to do.  Apparently everyone else gets to be a racist and get away with it, but not the Irish.  Although, historically, everyone has loved the Irish.  Even the blacks, as the Irish in America were treated so badly in the early years - and because Irish have soul.  (It is usually forgotten, though, that many of the Founding Fathers, and their compatriots, were of Northern Irish stock, and/or Ulster Scots).

Now, everybody wants to be Irish mainly only on Saint Patrick's Day.  The only day we have of our own, and everyone else thinks they own it.  Which is fine.  Everyone has a right to fancy themselves irresponsible, lazy, blarney-mouthed alcoholics, doing jigs, praying to statues and blowing up buildings.

Funny that everybody doesn't, instead, on that day, dress up like presidents, lawyers, policemen, musicians, politicians, writers, poets, and so on, which might be a fairer representation.  But, the joke is, we're just a joke.

Joe Biden.  Look at him.  A joke made institutional.  President houseplant.  Why does he fumble and mutter like that?  Is it because of dementia?  Is it because a life of lying has fried his brain?  Or, maybe - maybe he has just pickled himself by drinking so much alcohol.  Because he felt that what a good Irish person is supposed to do.  Like doing a monkey dance to appease the Protestant ruling class.

We've come so far, and yet, we'll always be held back, uncomfortable and unsettled here.

Or, maybe, all three of those Biden explanations are all related to each other, and the only reason why the Irish are eternally uncomfortable is because they permanent have the shakes.

Why Irish people feel they have no alternative but to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Irish people will feel compelled to drink alcohol to celebrate St Patrick's Day this Sunday -- whether they want to or not -- according to a Northumbria University academic...

Matthew, from Coleraine in Northern Ireland, said: "Alcohol consumption, when placed in the context of Ireland becomes instantly romanticised, attributed to one's underlying Celtic soul. Ireland is synonymous with alcohol; although Ireland boasts world heritage sites, titanic museums and the birth and death sites of numerous authors and poets, its most popular tourist attraction is the Guinness Storehouse.

In the 2012 movie, Seven Psychopaths, Sam Rockwell tells his alcoholic friend, Colin Farrell, that he is doomed or cursed - he will always be an alcoholic because he has two strikes, two flaws: he both Irish and a writer. Destined to drink. I don't know if they got that gag from me, because lots of things I say end up in Hollywood. I've probably been saying this since before 2012 - in fact I'm sure of it: "I am supposed to drink!" Because:

1 - I am Irish.
2 - I am a writer.
3 - I am an Aussie.
4 - I am a Wisconsiner.
5 - Can't remember what this one was, but I could add three others:
6 - I'm an existentialist*.
7 - My life has been destroyed.
8 - I'm good at fermenting things.
9 - Oh, and my father drank. And worked in a brewery. And was Irish. I cannot tell you how determinedly, though unconsciously, my siblings projected that persona onto me. They were usually wrong, but I finally ended up drinking, either way, at least until I could get away from them. But, now I often drink because:
10- When I am not ill, I sometimes have too much lonely time on my hands.

(Don't take this seriousl, btw).

I have CFS. My immune system thinks it is still combatting Epstein Barr, but a hundredfold, which affects my brain, and so on. Why do I have CFS?

1 - My skull was fractured in a car accident.
2 - I once had EBV, CMV and, I think, staff.
3 - I walked through a stream contaminated by organophosphates.
4 - I had a life crisis, i.e., emotional trauma.
5 - I was drinking.
6 - I am Irish.

People from the UK, Ireland, and related regions in Europe tend to have higher incidences of CFS, (also called M.E., i.e., Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). We are frail, frail people, and so very white. It has been found that people who inheritted certain genes from Neandertal had a greater chance of dying from COVID. Since long-hauler COVID is so similar to CFS, maybe my problem is that I am a Neandertal. You may want to look back at my tags, for mys discussions of Neandertals and the, "red haired race." And so on.

Some wonder why others drink. I have heard it said that people drink because they want to die. That's usually not true. People drink because they want to party. During times when they feel really put upon, stressed, depressed, they may drink because they want NOT to die. They try to live through alcohol, because they feel they have no other choice. Since this can becoming an addiction, then alcoholism can become the reason why they drink.

An LJ friend guessed that people drink in order to get away from their responsibilities. I think that can happen, but is not a big reason. Who is to say what their responsibilities are? Instead, many may drink because they want an escape from judgment. Most people are fine with taking care of business, but not when business is something forced on them, and they are being judged by how they measure up, by someone else. Being appreciated goes a long way towards making someone feel that cleaning out stables is his or her true and chosen calling. Alcoholism can be a rebellion against this judgement, which can also be a rebellion against the self, in as much as the self is entangled in the other.

People drink because it feels good. That can be a comfort when one is alone, depressed, or hated. Like people who put on fat as an emotional insulation, some people who drink can use the numbing of alcohol as an escape from suspected threats. Similarly, alcohol can be a great way to pass away great stretches of excruciating time. That's basically what I did, this winter. I was trapped, paralyzed, alone, a stranger to the times. Fuck it all, why not drink?! It will be Spring sooner that way! And, yes, magically, it worked. Cost too much, but I found ways around that, which I'll post about later.

People drink for good reasons. (Not that the reasons above are not all, to some degree, good, as well as bad). People break the ice, socialise, celebrate, take a babe home, toast a new year, eat a holy meal, go bob-sledding, cheer on the local team, and so on. People drink to forget, and so to forgive. People drink to embolden themselves and make themselves feel stronger. People drink because they actually want to endure some boring responsibility. People drink because they are Russian, German or Italian. Finally, people drink because they are Irish. Or think they should be. For a day.

And they all drink the next day, because, hair of the dog, you know. Elephants drink, btw. Horses, on apples. Monkeys, on fruit. It's a part of nature, to some extent. Not the main part, lol. Drinking can lead to a lot, LOT of harm and dysfunction, bad relations, denial, injury, hate, even war. So, I don't herald it as a cure-all. But, it can be a bandage, for a little while.

I've abstained from drinking for two weeks. It's just too harmful to my health. I'll keep drinking, but in moderation, and less often. I'll need to take garlic beforehand. There is more wine from the wine company, and I'm not touching it. I'll be cancelling that soon. But, I should feel fine enough to drink this Saint Patrick's Day. Why? Don't really have a reason, lol.

I wrote a long email to my LL, re: the proposal that I try for rent assistance. I'll post that. She gave a quick response, that she will be learning more about the details at a meeting tonight. She also called the whole COVID-release boondoggle, "insanity," lol. People in jail getting money. People with $1000/mo apartments getting rent assistance. Even though they are also getting $1400 per person, and so on. What are people going to do with all that money.


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