I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Alms for the BANNED?

Our friendly new government is giving most every one of us $1400.  Many others will get much more, for unemployment, children, rent.  That is a lot of money being sent out to us all.  A very kind gesture!  We are so lucky.

Many of you really don't need this extra money.  You could think of something to do with the extra cash, but you're OK as it is, it's not something you desperately, or even casually, need.  So, why not pass along the good deed?  There are still people in need.

Some of you are Christians, some are Atheists, some are Democrats.  You all have a heart of gold, deep down.  You could use your little windfall to help someone less fortunate!  You could buy someone a new fridge.  You could have their house painted.  You could help someone with their legal fees, or injuries incurred during COVID, or the riots of 2020.

Why not help out the downcast among us - the abused, the scorned, the vilified, the powerless, the forgotten?  In these happy times, you have the choice to help out people who really need it, these days.  While everyone else is partying and spending and eating and vacationing in the Caribbean, you can do the right thing, and be a Good Samaritan!

God knows, the Republicans need all the help they can get.  Won't you please help a Republican today?
Tags: grace, gratitude / ingratitude, my jokes, satire

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