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I am the person who will destroy China.

It's all about facade.

In my recent post, I said that the quartz crystals witch made me 'what I am today'.  I almost added, 'a statue of King David, glorious on the outside but with as much living value or enjoyment as cold, dead stone.'  A little later, I logged back in to see the statue of David posted by deborahkla.  I was reminded of a little recent surfing research which ended up bringing me back to that statue.

Let's begin with the Statue of Unity, the largest statue in the world.  This colossal monstrosity was created only recently, in India, mainly by a Chinese firm.  It commemorates a good buddy of Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  I've never seen this statue before, and it is amazing, freakish and grossly morose.  It is so big, I will put in under a cut for you.  But, here, you may compare the size, of this massive anthropomorphic metal dolmen, to other large statues of the world - including Michelangelo's Statue of David...

Approximate heights of various notable statues:
1. Statue of Unity 240 m (790 ft) (incl. 58 m (190 ft) base)
2. Spring Temple Buddha 153 m (502 ft) (incl. 25 m (82 ft) pedestal and 20 m (66 ft) throne)
3. Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) 93 m (305 ft) (incl. 47 m (154 ft) pedestal)
4. The Motherland Calls 87 m (285 ft) (incl. 2 m (6 ft 7 in) pedestal)
5. Christ the Redeemer 38 m (125 ft) (incl. 8 m (26 ft) pedestal)
6. Michelangelo's David 5.17 m (17.0 ft) (excl. 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) plinth)

This is the Statue of Unity, of PM Modi. Talk about people getting bothered by giant windmills in their location - imagine having this massive thing, always around, which can be seen for miles and miles. Check out the Wiki page - not only is the story/construction interesting, the pics of this earth-penis-puppet looming over everything are really, concerning, shall I say? It makes me feel the same way I feel about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust, or China taking over the White House.

Also interesting, is the subject of tuned mass dampers, which are used to stabilise statues, buildings, cars, bridges, etc., against high winds, earthquakes, or other vibrational influences. You remember that old little black and white video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge, harmonising with itself, by the hand of high winds? The bridge began to wobble, and then flap around wildly like a piece of rubber, until it just came apart. Crazy! Harmonics are crazy. Well, if that bridge had had tuned mass dampers, that convulsive seizure most probably never would have happened. Here is one sort of TMD, atop Taipei 101 -

My surfing research took me to the statue of Crazy Horse. This is is a statue meant to outdo the (incomplete) statue on Mount Rushmore, and has been under construction since something like 1938. Some Indians, (that's what they call themselves), are in favour of the project, some think it defiles nature and sacred burial grounds. Here is another Wiki page that you really must read! Failure and determination go hand in hand, seemingly ad infinitum.

The Statue now, and as planned for completion.

Note, on the Wiki page, the little picture of the two important men. They are looking off in weird directions. Men posturing strangely. What are they up to?!  It reminds me of an old pic I saw of men working in the Klondike, which I'll try to find, just for the new theme. Men posturing. Strangely.

Then, I visitted the somewhat forgotten prehistorical event of the Crow Creek Massacre.  A violent killing of one Native American group by another Native American group, correlated with an iron deficiency, long before the ruthless Columbus reached America.  This is also very interesting reading!  See Wiki HERE.

Finally, here is something that popped up from my filed tags.  This is the world's oldest wooden statue, found buried in the Urals, dating to around 11,000 years ago.  It is inscribed with indecipherable information.  My imagination hypothesizes: Maybe it was erected to commemorate, describe and explain the great devastation that hit the Earth when, theoretically, Canada was hit by a slew of comets.  (Ice on ice can end in fire, not in ice).  A statue built by watered-down descendants of Neadertal, who also had something to do with the rise of civilisation - but that is a topic I have yet to get around to.  The seven heads of the statue - which I don't actually se in the pic - suggest to me some connexion to Indo(European) mythology, which would emerge over the next few thousand years.

See interesting article: The indecipherable message of the Shigir Idol—a statue 3 times as old as the Egyptian pyramids

The oldest wooden well, or mine shaft, is in South East Europe, where the massive underground pyramids are also found.  This was also an important ancient area for mining copper and gold.  Speaking of copper, and China...

China imports tonnes of copper from Iran - or maybe Istanbul, can't remember - (the BBC is distracting me).  The copper is formed into large slabs, which shipped in countless shipping containers.  It was recently discovered that, at some part in the shipping route to China, all these massive slabs of copper were being replaced by giant spray-painted slabs of concrete.  At least eight shiploads, of all these giant containers of giant slabs of copper, ended up reaching China with slabs of concrete instead.  How about that.  I like when bad things happen to China, lol.  And remember.  You, too, can invest in copper.  It will be getting more and more expensive.

Another instance of a large-scale dupe: Some guy figured out that the USA, which receives shiploads of used vegetable oil from the Middle East, wouldn't notice if someone shipped them water, instead, covered by only a thin level of used veggie oil.  Pretty much looks and smells and tests the same.  There is much money to be made in the world, if only you dare to cheat the status quo.  I suppose.  Spray paint.  A thin layer of oil.  Glorious King David, made only of stone.

It's all about facade.

There once was a giant stone statue of Buddha, around Pakistan/Afghanistan, which was exploded into rubble some years ago. By the Taliban. Mao, and his minions, along with murdering 60-80 millions, also tore down religious statues, trying to erase history. Lately, we have seen statues of Washington, Jefferson, Black Confederate Soldiers, Lincoln, etc., etc., all torn down - along with cartoon characters. Because disturbed, superficial people mistake facades for reality.

Apparently, our facades and surface scribblings are enough to do us in. religious wars are fought over words. My statue of god is better than your statue of god. The word Allah is very very different to the word Yahweh!

Black skin is so different to white!

Bottom-buttered bread is so different to top-buttered bread!

Our fleeting life is so different to stone.

I raise my lamp...
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