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I am the person who will destroy China.

Roasted Veggie Head

This was another extremely bad CFS/brain day. It is gradually burning off, leaving brain/fatigue in its wake. I hope to finally go to library tomorrow or Friday. I need to save my hemorrhaging phone bill before I lose phone/internet. Will do a 5th Instacart order, just because I need a few things, so i will also be stocking up on canned beans/veggies, which is what I keep doing each time. Bad times are coming. If you want to know what it is, think the worst possible scenario. What is going on is deliberate and very, very bad. Won't be posting much about it, because it is just too bad, I am ill, and I need to make my own moves.

I did manage to take a deep hot bath. Now, I am roasting various veggies:

Suggested veggies, ranked from best-tasting to most troublesome...

- 2 cans artichoke quarters or hearts.
- one tub of white mushrooms
- about 12oz. Brussels sprouts
- 2 broccoli spears, chunked - (i left out most of the main stalks for dog)
- one bell pepper, chunked
- on large cuke, cubed
- a smattering of cherry tomatoes
- avocado (or olive) oil
- balsamic vinegar (lemon juice would be better!)
- garlic/salt, black pepper, thyme

Preheat over to 400.
Mix veggies in large bowl, bit by bit, smothering in oil, vinegar, garlic/salt, black pepper and thyme.
Add all veggies into large baking pan. Do not cover.
Bake middle/top of oven, looks like about 1 hour, turning veggies three times.

(I forgot to add the bell pepper until after the first round, so I added on top of other baking veggies, they will be mixed together soon).

Note: The cukes will create a lot of liquid. That is why it should take as long as an hour to do the trick. When turning veggies, bring that liquid up to the top. The less liquid you have, the sooner you need to take them out, or they could smoke. That means it might only take 50 minute total, depending. The less veggies, and/or the less liquid, then the less cooking time.  Also: You can use other veggies, like onion, garlic cloves, potatoes, zuchini, etc.
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