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Last night, (3amish), my dog and I espied a skunk wobbling down the street.  That's how they walk.  So, this was a big event for dog, and he pulled at the leash, up on his hind legs, striving to get to the skunk.  Sorry, that will never happen, dog.  Afterwards, I talked to him about the skunk.  And, earlier tonight, I said we go out and see the skunk again, just to get him imagination going.  I didn't expect to see the skunk again, but it appeared from the house next door.  It took a wide path, all the way around us, then circled back, and went down another street.

That there was a smart skunk.  First of all, he popped out while we were in plain view, so he had probably been thinking about us, after last night.  Next, he took the very wide, calm path around us, but far off.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Finally, from last night, he KNEW my dog would struggle to get to him, and could chase him down and eat him up - save for the fact that I was holding him on a leash.  He knew, ahead of time, that I would keep my dog from getting to him.  He walked calmly down the hwy, just across from us, an easy target.  So, that's a very smart skunk.  He also raised his tail as he walked nearest to us, just as a reminder that he did have a formidable defense.  Again, smart.  All skunks apparently know that everybody else wants to avoid them.  Not my dog, though, he is eager for any game.  I liked him enjoying this meaningful, exciting moment.  But, he did pout when he got inside, realising how desperately boring his life really is.
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