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I am the person who will destroy China.

Spring Fever, 2021

Fourth Instacart order arrived today.  Quite a deal putting everything away - after you washed and/or repackaged everything.   Crazy man has attacked twice today.  To his chagrin, I filled the house with the smell of steamed salmon.  This is the first time I have tried steaming salmon - or anything other than veggies and stuffing.  Just to be safe, I steamed it an half an hour.  Turned out just great - pink, soft, delicious.

Dog is so lucky, these days, as he gets to eat more quality stuff, like fish, mussel shells, turkey, eggs...  He always gets some fresh kale and another fresh veggie or two in his main dinner.  And other great stuff.  He really is the best fed dog this side of the Mississippi, except that he doesn't get digestive enzymes, a la, Dynovite.  I'd pour in some of my fermented V8, but then he'd want to go outside more often.  Now, we must deal with a new challenge.  His left ear is now infected.  It was his right ear, last time, which led to cauliflower ear.  It was a long ordeal.  And expensive.  I'm sure ear mites must take hold in his beds, and the carpet, but I really haven't done any laundry downtown except for one small load.  I have been avoiding that because of COVID, but I also have no car and no washing machine.  So, it almost breaks my heart, seeing him lying on his bed, getting reinfected.  When you go to bed at night, do you also lie?

I've been cleaning up my recyclables.  Also, because of COVID, I have just been throwing empty packages on the flour, to let them sit for a while.  The plan was to clean and sort it all by spring, and this is what I am doing.   Before more mice move in, with the big rat downstairs.  I am also catching up, a little, on general cleaning/sorting.  really, this is NOTHING compared to what needs to be done, to allow me to move out.  But, at least I can take pictures of my kitchen and bathroom for ya.  It's always nice, and bittersweet, to take pics of your place before you move away.  I never take pics of human beings because they always follow me around.

I should mention, Wednesday was odd, societally.  COVID delirium was everywhere.  I noticed people exibitting these little irksome behaviours which, if I had been a normal person and tried to ignore them, would have left me feeling like a depressed, desperate, suicidal serial killer.  This is how society is.  People don't observe others objectively, they deny, and consequently internalise, and blame themselves - for why?  Billionaires exploiting us all?  China?  General stuff like that.  Low pressure fronts.  The moon.  Aliens.  So, this is what I can remember, from my trip to the library, and then to Walgreens, and home:

  • - In library, bathroom, I enter a stall, man leaves other stall.  I had taken garlic, and also had CFS issues, so I dropped a load.  Man comes back in, retrieves something he had forgotten, and grunts a commentary on my ambience.

  • - Walking to Walgreens, a car flies by with girls shouting out something at me.  Didn't sound flirty, sounded mean.

  • - Girl approaches, baring midriff, catching my eye, then stares down my Harvey Wallbanger.

  • - I am not sure if this was the same girl, or if there were two different girls:  Girl approaches, swings her collar up around her mouth as we pass.  Someone should tell her.  It isn't that bad.

  • - Outside Walgreens, I am using a cart to help me don my backpack.  Young woman walks by, and into car.  In car, she SCREAMS a big growl.  I don't know who this could have anything to do with me, unless...*

  • - Walking home, a bigger young guy with a round head like one of those stones in South America approaches.  Eye contact, fine.  Right as we past, he yells out, "How's it go-in'?!"  Partly like its a formality/obligation.  So loud.  "Hi.  Good!"

That's all I can remember.  Also, Thursday, sitting on steps with dog, people in their cars, driving by, were suddenly looking and commenting to each other.  All about me and my dog.  I tell you, wherever I go, I get famous.  I don't know why this happens.  And I want it to stop.

In my attempts to STOP the attacks from crazy man downstairs, I banged on his door, yelling and banging, at 3:am.  That STILL did not do the trick.  He banged two or three times and, so, that night, I let out a gigantic screaming growl, that could be heard across the intersection.  Then I turned my music back up, and kept it there.  That helped.  He hasn't been so bad lately.  But, as his is mentally, he just cannot help himself.  BTW - did I ever mention?  I discovered that this jackass owes Colorado $40,000 in back taxes?  Who ya gonna believe, this psychopath or me?

So, I am thinking it is possible that that giant scream I let out might have caught fire in the gossip mill, and maybe that's what that young woman did her big scream in her car.  Because, if she knew, that would totally be a local, passive aggressive, guilt-levying thing to do.  As far as the rest of my reputation here, it is solid, and everyone is agreed that I am a crazy white guy, if not a racist.  But, the funny thing is that that is exactly how neighbours chose to paint me the day I moved in here.  All of this is their deranged social psychology, not me.  I have been holding back, trying NOT to cause problems, and everyone forces me to take a stand.  And so, lots of people respect me.  But I hate that kind of respect.  It is the respect of uneaten rats.

How is this so strange, in a country obsessing over Mr. Potato Head, as a cover for graver insanity?  Soon, I want to write about how it has delighted and informed me that the Dems have gone so completely insane.  I have learnt more about power, about paradoxical learning, etc.  I want to mention how their moves are so similar to the moves of the fascists in Germany, though the labels have been turned upside down.  Anyone who hues to labels is not fully human.  The box is your mind.  Think outside of it!  So, anyway.  These ridiculous and unconstitutional executive orders that Biden has been making, on behalf of the radicals working for China hoping to destabilise the country, they are destructive.  As much as I may hold the same ideals of a few of them, they are illegal, in my view, and wrong - and will be shewn to be so, if only we can get balance in the judiciaries.

However, if there were one illegal magic-wand thing that Biden could do, that I might actually support?  Do you know what it would be?  Plastics.  Ban all single use, and multilayered, and non-recyclable plastics.  Unlike climate change, which I know is occurring, massive global plastic pollution is a measurable and demonstrable problem.  I would be absolutely fine if something completely tyrannical was done about this.  Because, I am really tired of dealing with my recyclables!@

People are getting lax about printing how to recycle their plastic.  People who make healthy, organic and GF foods? - They don't care about recycling!  They entomb loaves of GF bread in thick bags of plastic and then put those into other bags of plastic, and never say how to recycle.  I am happy if I just come upon a, "Return to Store," label.  Otherwise, it's all a crapshoot, and I'm sure all the gossipping locals over at the recycling centre, wherever that is, really hate me, because I tend to leave it up to them to figure the fuck this out.  I never asked for all these plastics.  I don't want them, I hate them, I want glass,  Everything in glass.  Even though sand is becoming less available.  I want milk in glass.  I want my turkey slices in glass.  If you can't put my broccoli in glass, I want it covered with beeswax, and maybe a film of cinnamon to retard spoilage.  And, then, every week, the glassman will come by and knock on my door, and I will give it to him in the glass.

I'd like to post more about today's politics and society but I promised to spend more time with my alcohol.
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