I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I, for one! And, so, for all!

This latest media fury over some impending threat from the far right on March 4th, because one or two idiots out there posted something stupid, is insane, irresponsible, and completely bullcrap.  It is all another concoction full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Why?  It serves the Democrat narrative, that WDC must be on lock-down, militarilly, so we can pass emergency legislation which make us and our friends billions of dollars.  It's total bullcrap.  I once thought Dick Durbin, (Illinois senator), was a halfway decent, clean, direct, honest senator.  No, he's just as corrupt as Chuck Schumer.  So, he says, with his pleading, meaningful, constipated fart of a voice, "Let's not kid ourselves...  The threat of white supremecism is by far worse than anything from BLM or Antifa..."  Oh, really?  Where is the 2 billion of dollars of property damage caused by white supremacists, versus BLM/Antifa, during 2020?  Where are the hundreds of innocent people killed, and the thousands of people injured?  Supported by great liberals like Soros, Buffet and Xi?  Where is the media conspiracy supporting some great uprising of white supremacists all over the country, as opposed to that which really happened in support of BLM/Antifa, and absolute lies and cover-ups by Democrats?  I am SO FUCKING TIRED OF THE DOUBLE-SPEAK, and watching idiots come into ascendancy based on this violence, this arrogance and this bullshit.  So many innocent minds have been sucked into it, happy to assume the lies are true, that THOUSANDS of blacks are being killed by the police - joining marches, and being led into misdirection by the nose, by party planners, into routes and ruses of violence.  So sick of this.  It's disgusting.  My heart bleeds tears for anyone who has been swallowed into it.  "Let's not kid ourselves," my fucking ass.  They are TRYING to foment right-wing reactionism in this country, by boxing at shadows so vainly.  It's crazy.  Absolutely CRAZY.  It never occurred to me that there could be so many lost, pathetic people who might be duped into supporting such insanity.  This is worse than what lead up to Hitler, all by design.  I am telling you, because I went OUT OF MY WAY, in college, and beyond, to study how fascism arises - and this is it, friends.  This is it.  They are alligned with a country that has millions of people in concentration camps, assimilating entire civilisations genetically, and we are next in sending our own off to reeducation camps.  I am fine with believing in climate change or the rights of transgender, but I am absolutely against the strong-arm tactics being used to institutionalise those views.  Not to mention those views I have problems with.  It's not about party, or what your vein, game-fed ego wants to see everywhere.  It's about the American system.  It's about preserving the constitution, and wealth, so 7 future generations might prevail and prosper, and thereby help save our planet and save ourselves.  These people are NOT progressives.  They are stupid, selfish, cowardly destructionists.  I don't know about you, but I am going to fight this as much as I have fought any right-wing bullcrap in the past, because, to me, it's the same damn thing.
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