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I am the person who will destroy China.

half a mind

I need to write a theme post on transgenderism and how it is regarded, and so on.  Listening to Ben Shapiro radio show yesterday, first hour, it was excellent, on other topics.  Today, the first hour focused on his take on transgenderism and the Equality act, and it was egregious.  However, listening to what I disagree with often brings me new information and ideas, which is what happened today.  So, sparked by these new ideas, I hope to be getting into the philosophy and sociology behind this topic, and other social trends.   Everything is connected, and this is getting to be a problem for me, writing and thinking it all out.  I hope to get back to theme posts, but life works against me.

1 - Another bad CFS day, so tired now.  At least got a few wee things done.

2 - I have thigns to do tonight and tomorrow, which I hope to accomplish - idk.

3 - As the weather gets better, both the crazy man downstairs and A-hole guy suddenly decide to step up their petty games/attacks on me.  The latter guy has solicited another guy, whom I call, "Bigfoot."  I once offered to help this guy get the apartment downstairs, and he turns out to be a stupid jackass.  No one in this city deserves to be saved.

Which reminds me...  Did we get a $600 stimulus check from the government, late last year?  I don't even remember now.  Two weeks ago, I got a notice from the government that I would be getting $600 w/in 5 days, and I have no idea what is going on.  Biden is bomming Syria and still the new checks have not, "gone out the door," which was promised 2 or 3 months ago.  I seem to think we did get $600 sometime around Nov/Dec, right?  Besides the bill we are waiting on.  What that notice from the government means - ?  Maybe just trying to rile up the poor people in order to force the legislation to be passed..


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