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Tiger Woods Takes A Knee.

I'm sorry.  I'm not making fun of him.  It's more about irony revealing itself in nature, or society.  I'm way too tired to write tonight, but I'll hopefully explain tomorrow.  I have only good things to say about TW. Not golf, though. Golf is not my bag.

I heard a nice 1/2 documentary on BBC last night, on the impact of Irish on England, (rather than the reverse).  It was noted that the Irish can have this ability to see discrepancies - in class, in logic, in expectations.  Since they have an outsider-yet-insider place in society, they are not bound by official ways of thinking, but they know the game.  So, they have often tended to use humour, lyric or language to reveal these hidden faux pas, be they ironic, or whatever.  I am very much this way.  And it was also said that the Irish, "Wrote, sang and joked their way into English society."  Which is interesting because that is basically my profile: All I want to do is write, sing and joke!  But I've got a morose and philosophical side, also attributable to Irish melancholy and such.  So, I have always not just seen the funniness in discrepancies, but the pain, the irony or the bleakness.  Well, that is why we will be writing on TW tomorrow, possibly.

I do feel bad about what happened to TW, especially after his oddly difficult more recent life.

Now, I must go to sleep and dream like a 5-iron.
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