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924 Gilman Street

Here's some interesting Wiki reading. It's sad that, basically, the only place people imagine and support a music club is in Berkeley, California. You'd think these things should be in every city in the world. Cooperatives. Madison is full of cooperatives, but not a music club cooperative. I should go back to Madison and start one. Damn, I saw so many music shows in Madison. It was incredible. Exactly why I went there in the first place.

Do you know that, in the movie, "School of Rock," there is a promotion by the radio station, "WROK"? That's actually a real radio station, in Madison's neighbour, Rockford, Illinois, which we all know as, "Ye Olde City." The movie was set in NJ or Cal or someplace else. They must have paid WROK to use that.

So, back to 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley. This place spawned the whole 1990's punk revival, which became most eminent in Green Day. Whereas, in the late 1970's and early 1980's, punk was primarilly a conservative uprising, (except for some bands, like my favourites, the Clash, and the English Beat, both which incorporated African and Jamaican music into their punk), the 1990's revival was all liberal. Sparked in Berkeley. The spearhead band was Operation Ivy, which combined punk and ska, and was later followed up by Rancid. So, there was this ska-punk revival going on, and in stepped a Southern California band, of the same ilk, to lap it up and one day take it to super-stardom. I will always be grateful to No Doubt for that.

The really interesting thing about the 924 Gilman Street music cooperative is that it sold its soul to left-wing political correctness, which ended up closing the place down, lmfao. Here is a perfect example of how political correctness, (ultimately controllaholic statism), can completely contradicts the popular creativity of capitalism. The place shut itself down because of moral principles, above the needs of the music audience. That didn't last for long, and fans opened the place up again. It still exists today. So, I guess you can kick democracy, or you can dance about it, because it is the Energiser Bunny. Democracy is the Energiser Bunny.

Btw - I ended up in the North Berkeley BART station once. It was a crazy thing. My sister sent me to San Francisco with this delightful little female. When we got there, some giant monster man kept dogging her around. So, at the instructions of my sister, the little female took me to Height and Ashbury, or whatever, and all that. I was tucked into a bed of some famous SF hotel, my room filled with paper butterflies. Hand-made butterflies. Everywhere. You pay a tidy sum for this nonsense. The real experience, lol. Who cares? I can make butterflies in my bedroom and sleep there in complete ignorance of them so much cheaper. Why? Why any of this, lol?

This was before California completely went crazy. This little female lost touch with me and had sex with aforementioned giganticus, and I lost my way in the BART system. I called her on the phone. She ployed, "Where are you? In Oakland?! Ha ha haaa..." Actually, I was in Oakland. I had lost my way because my stupid fucking CFS brain couldn't figure anything out. And now this girl was laughing at me, after she had had her sex, and me? What? Me? What? All I remember is returning to my sister's place, and hearing her boasting to all her other sisters at how I was now in her possession. Females. I could have been dying, and they are more interested in advertising me throughout the family. One night, I had crazy dreams, because my brain was under siege, all about geometric imagines. So amazing. So frightening. What is happening to me? When I told my sister and her boyfriend, the latter totally related, by saying, "Cool! Psychedelic! Man!" They wouldn't know death if it kissed them on the face.

Anyway, I advise you to read up on 924 Gilman Street - how it shut itself down - and the whole Jello Biafra incident. This stuff - I've seen this stuff in Madison - this stuff is now core curriculum for the entire country. If you want to know how BLM/Antifa was inspired, look here. Look who was putting their money here. We fret and flit about, thinking our rages divine, but they are manipulations. It's morose. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.

The band, No Doubt, is one of my all-time favourites. They totally benefitted from the ska-punk revival from 924 Gilman Street, especially from Operation Ivy. There was also Camper Van Beethoven and Green On Red mainly in Southern California in the late 1980's, the latter being a part of the Paisley Underground movement, which gave us Mazzy Star and greatly influenced Prince. In cahoots with No Doubt was the ska-rock band, Sublime, in Anaheim. The whole ska revival, in California, kinda gets papered over by the 1990's punk revival. But, it has a definition, which is called, "third wave ska," and you can look it up. I think it was mainly inspired by Marley, and the Police. Pretty tame stuff, really. Stefani and/or No Doubt did actually hook up with Sly and Robbie Dunbar, which is to their credit. I believe I have every album by No Doubt, except for their last one, which I need to get.

I have been a long-time aficionado of Reggae. I went to Madison for the Reggae, and derivatives. There was a Saturday early afternoon show which featured only reggae - Yellowman, the Abyssinians, Gregory Isaaks - amazing stuff. I guess it was around 1992, maybe even earlier, I heard No Doubt on the radio, and I completely blew them off. According to me, they were a bastardisation of ska, or even of rock. Stefani's voice seemed chaotic, haphazard, and the vibretto was completely out of sync with the micro-beat. I was certain that this band was a bad investment of my attention. But they really proved me wrong! At the time, No Doubt was on a desperate tour to support their failing eponymous first album. What a catastrophe that was! Amazingly, they came up with, "Tragic Kingdom," and the rest is history. I have no explanation for the vast amount of talent proved over the years, but I know they have been through a lot. Stefani has perfected her style, and she's great. However, I will never see No Doubt as a first rate band, as much as I love them.

I was in Anaheim before the ska and punk revivals began. I was with friends in Disney Land. Girls came up and asked if we, the enjoyable happy sort, were ... "friends?" Which meant, "gay!" Because we were so happy and nice, this meant, in California, we must be gay, lol. I don't know if anything we did actually helped spark the rise of No Doubt and Sublime in Anaheim. I do feel that we were regarded as something new and unique. I think we had some kind of daft-lineage contribution to something. I mean, big cities like Chicago and L.A., they tend not to have their own vibrant creativity, for some reason. Instead, they tend to extract creativity from other places, from other people. That's their whole game. Exploitation. It's just what they do. So, I think it is possible that our spirits might have influenced California at one time. But, more than this, I do KNOW...

We were in Disneyland. Joking around. Girls came up to us. I introduced my term, "Co-inky-dink." I am the person who created this term. It has since been taken up by TV and movies - by Stephanie Miller and Jason Segal. I will go to my grave, knowing that I contributed this phrase to the national lexicon. Some damned thing I came up with in high school. For no reason. Now it ends up national. Crazy. we never know how we influence the world. But we always do. Please take heart in that. Smile. Is that too much to ask? Just smile.
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