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Liberty Bell Tacos!

When I can, I experiment in the kitchen. Here is just another something I threw together, that turned out so tasty, I decided to make it a thing. The name is, "Liberty Bell tacos," because the central ingredient is red bell pepper. They are spring-summer treats, and so are great for the 4th of July. Their mixture of ingredients can suggest a melding of cultures, or of Latinx(!) immigrants achieving freedom in the USA. Also, it is my tribute to Philly.  I briefly haunted Independence Mall, and lost my glasses near a hole in a brick wall.  Always good to have a story behind your food.


Four regular sized soft corn taco shells, aka, tortillas. (5"-6"?)
2 slices of American cheese.
Bottom or top half of one large red or orange bell pepper.
Half cup (or more) of fresh sliced white mushrooms broken into somewhat smaller pieces.
One large firm red Roma tomato.
3-4 full tablespoonfuls of canned pinto beans*
Avocado oil, Irish butter, olive oil, or what have you.
Chili powder; garlic salt; black pepper.

to do:

Cut bell pepper into 1/2 slices around berth, and then cut these into smaller rectangles or squares.

Cut four round slices of tomato, at least 1/3rd inch thick. Half these four slices. You now have 8 wedges.

In a small saucepan, pour a very small amount of oil or butter. Heat at medium-high.

Add mushrooms, swish around. Throw bell pepper on top and cover.

Meanwhile, you have four tortillas sitting out, and a large pan heating up at medium-high. Throw two taco shells on. You want to warm these babies past soft, but not hard in any way. Figure that out. You will turn them about 3 times. On the last turn, add 1/2 of a slice of cheese in the middle of each.

Take two tomato wedges to add to each: one wedge straight side facing the cheese on the upper left, one facing the cheese from the lower right. This way, when the taco closes, you are utilising space, not making an unmanageable taco. Dash with garlic salt. Cover briefly. Lift to a plate before the shells are starting to harden!

Meanwhile, you have stirred up the sauce pan. Add the pinto beans. Stir. Dust with chili powder, a dash of pepper, perhaps onion/salt.

When warmed but not boiling, spoon (1/2) the filling mix onto the tacos, (while you have the other two tacos now heating up on the pan). Dash with garlic salt. Squirt a thin line of regular ketchup all the way down the centre of each taco.

Cover with a little bunch of fresh baby spinach leaves. Eat. A simply delightful taste explosion, yes? Mushrooms+beans+chili suggests meat, bell pepper+tomato a light fresh crunch, and the ketchup actually tops it off like magic.

- The redder the bell pepper, the better the taste. Sweeter and less rind-y.
- I used Dakota Pride pinto beans, bought at Aldi. They have the right amount of bean juice. (And no onion - as I avoid onion).
- I used organic Simply Nature ketchup.
- The taste is so zesty, I would be fine with experimenting with pineapple, shrimp, thousand-island dressing, etc.
- These are not meant to be hot spicy tacos, but people will do that.
- I used basically the same amount of the mix on three tortillas, instead of four. I limitted my cheese intake by only using 1/3rd of one cheese slice per tortilla.
- I forgot what drink would go well with these. Hmmm? And, any idea what to add to make them more 4th of July? Gunpowder?
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