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The great Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning. His wife announced it at the beginning of today's show.

I once hated this man, not for a short while. But, he was very important to USA politics. An inspiration and a blight to millions.

Because I gave up on NPR, and other radio news programmes, I began listening to WLS, in Chicago, leaving the station on all day, as is my way.

Rush aired between the enjoyable Chris Plante and the interesting but annoying Ben Shapiro, so I had to tolerate Limbaugh in between.

I came to appreciate him as being, at least lately, a considerate and caring person. He had talent, and was also a flawed human being.

One day, he went on a soliloquy, expressing his wonderances and ponderances over the nature of life and death, of spirituality and purpose. It was quite memorable.

These have been trying times, and Limbaugh turned out to have been not wrong about many things in the end. Those who lambasted him cruelly for decades turned out to be not so right.

Currently, a memorial version of his show is airing. I am sure Trump and others will give tribute. There will also be idiots who know nothing of life who announce they are glad he is dead.

But, after what has gone down in recent months, I would caution such people not to disrespect for whom the bell tolls, because it tolls democratically. And rising anger has not yet vented itself.

I am not implying threats of violence here, although that will happen. I am talking about all the self-righteous, destructive narcissism on the left. It will collapse like an explosion that has reached the limits of its defiance of nature.

I would also say that there remains on the right a need to feel and express more care about people. There is an automatic tendency to lump every person into their own criticism of the left, ignorant of individual experiences.

Someone called Limbaugh on his analysis of AOC's paranoid anxiety during the Capital Building ruckus. I could feel him considering this, questioning himself. After the great strain of cancer treatments, I thing little challenges like this,

along with the fact that so much has gone wrong in the country, according to his view, helped top the scale and send him on his way. There is a point for everyone where life becomes too great a burden to sustain.

On the other hand, Limbaugh was aware of how greatly his listeners appreciated him. He surely knew that events so extreme had now confirmed him right in his view. And surely he knew that he had done more in his life than he ever thought possible,

including being given another year in which to wage a fight he felt born to fight. So, more accomplished a life, I think, was comfortable enough in passing away. In handing over, laying down, the will, to inevitable defeat, with a conclusion that it was as much a victory as ever it could be.

We who remain squabbling like ants on this planet continue on wagering this against that, and weighting upon or lightening others, all in this game of approaching mortality, with claims to the immortal, we watch, wait and wonder, always imperfect, always proud, needing people like Limbaugh to help define our lives.

For better or for worse, life pans outs out and slips back into dust. Leave flitter and flap over each other, piling up, blown away with the wind. The best we can do is keep things as free-flowing and natural for as many as possible. We can't do that without the freedom of speech. Lately, this freedom has been under assault.

Luckilly, Limbaugh got out without ever getting banned. That's an accomplishment in itself.

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