You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

Why is your head so big, dear swamp creature? Why, to hold in all the lies!

I am going to purchase a voice recorder, something I have wanted and needed for years.  There was a time when I would make mnemonic lists before I went to bed, representing the day's big ideas.  But I can't do that w/ CFS.  These last 3-4 days have been insane, w/ fatigue, the overwhelming need to sleep, etc.  Several good thoughts came up and then disappeared again into the stony bog.  I also need something to record people accosting me, and the crazy man's BANGS from below.  I have two in mind, each with its own great features.  I don't see how I can not purchase the one which interprets words into text, which can then go to a computer.  Perfect for writing.  But I can't spend yet, because one grocery order charged my credit card $300+, instead of charging my LINK/SNAP.  Maybe I can fix that.  Meanwhile, after an important purchase, my checking down is right down to the wire, and I never bothered computing how much leeway, precisely, I had this month.  So, I plan on going to the ATM and depositing $50, hoping that will keep it from going into overdraft.  I planned to do that today but was way too ill.

Before Donald trump was issued into office, the Dems were talking about impeaching him.  They had no crime, but they intended to impeach him, somehow, anyway.  Which is basically what they ended up doing, twice, and twice, he was acquitted.  because there was no crime.  He was innocent, and they were lying.  Hillary Clinton and the FBI lied when they concocted the whole Russiagate scheme, signing FISA requests which they knew were invalid.  They lied during and about the cover-up.  They lied when they blew into into the whole Russiagate scandal, which was conflated with the innocent phone-call to Ukraine, said to have colluded with a foreign power to the detriment of the Bidens...

The wall-haters put up a wall against the American people, based on a convenient, planned attack, blamed on an innocent man, whom they continue to dog, just to, in the minds of the American people, put the reality of a stolen election as far behind them as possible.  Harris is lying that there were no stockpiles of vaccines, no plan for inoculations, which is a complete lie.  Biden, who said he would never sign Executive orders, has signed about 70 by now.  He, like all Dems said they didn't want to take anyone's guns away, is now offering gun control legislation.  Which is why he is in Milwaukee.  Meanwhile, two fools walked up to police, outside the White House, telling them they carried guns, and so they were arrested.  Who does that?!  And how did they get inside the WALL?!  Just another stupid little lie to get their agenda accepted.

Donald Trump brought many cases to the Supreme Court, all of which were rejected out-of-hand, without any evidence being considered.  The Texas case was wrongly dismissed by reason of 'lack of standing.'  Otherwise, in other law suits that went through and completely, elsewhere, Trump actually won two thirds of the cases.  On February 19th, a number of cases will be brought to the Supreme Court, regarding various state's which violated the Constitution by changing their election rules to favour Biden, by illegitimate means, i.e., not via their state legislators, as required by federal law.  Unlike the Texas case, which the SCOTUS judges dismissed so facilely, things may be different this time.  Why?!  Because of the wall!  This time, they don't have to fear for their lives that Antifa will overrun their premises, physical and ideological. I'm not wishful thinking here, I'm laughing.  At the tragedy.  The hive of lies.  The fact that the truth always comes back to bite tyranny in the ass.

It's not whether I support gun control or oppose it.  There is something deeper which, apparently, most people don't get.  Whether someone is going to violate the rights of others, especially lying their way to accomplishing this.  It's not whether I support or not, or even whether I like any or all of his policies or not.  It's about keeping true to law, to history, to common sense, to decency, and to everyone's rights in general.  If they lied, so profusely, to throw Trump out - twice - what makes anyone - anyone who is not a coward - think they would not be beyond stealing an election?  The fact that they want to ban and cancel anyone who wants to talk about such a possibility, or who would associate with Trump, their defeated nemesis, only makes the likelihood that they ARE guilty of stealing the election much more convincing.  Abusers lie about their abuse.  Look at them firing and banning and persecuting anyone, not who disagrees with them, so much as anyone they choose to see as being disagreeable to them.

I told you, when Alex Jones was banned, it would get worse.  It started when students shouted down speakers in Berkeley, it moved on to tossing over historical statues, it continued on to vilifying police and burning buildings, and now there is a firestorm of banning on the internet, and consequently IN REAL LIFE, such that the son of one of the most progressive liberals in American history, my hero, Robert Kennedy, Jr., is being banned.  For questioning the origins of the COVID virus.  Everything about this smacks of a wide conspiracy, playing upon people's emotions, trying to denationalise this country, and hand it over to globalist elites.  God knows enough of the people in Congress are being paid for - like Hollywood, like the NBA, like half of our universities - by China.  It's just too obvious to me, by now.  Seeing history, seeing what China and Soros and so on have done in the past.  The way politicians whore up for money.  It's pathetic and horrific.  But I am so extremely tired at the moment, I can't even wash my dishes.  If I tried, I might crack my China.

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