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Here is something I wrote a month or so ago.  It is incomplete.  I don't really feel like doing it justice by finishing it off, but I may add a note or two at the end...

Christianity changed the world, there is no doubt about that. At the time it began, the world was in the hands of a great, dominating empire which just kept growing and centralising, and making wars, and enslaving people. That is the nature of BIG. It has to do with entropy.

Anyway, Christianity arose as an alternative to the mythology and morality of Rome, and other empires. It was actually a good thing. It liberated the minds and will of common people, which was something that really needed to happen. And it was a kind of Marxism long before Marx came along, with adherents serving and sacrificing for the communal good. Some adherents died for this communism, their martyrdom often attracting new members.

After all, what better demonstrates the value or importance behind words and ideas than people who die for them, right? Even if the ideology of Christianity, or anything else, was nothing but lies and delusions, the fact that some people believed so strongly in them that they died for them - well, that makes the lies seem real to people who don't really have a lot else going on in their lives, beyond squalour or depravity.

In defense of Christianity, the ideology did tap in to things that all great religions, or cults, etc., do, like the feeling that life means something, that people have value, that there is such a thing as injustice, and t here seems to be something very weird going on with the universe - something modern physics does not deny.

Politically, Christianity became a massive force for undermining the Roman Empire, and transforming it into something a little less - carnivorous? It took a thousand years, but the relative democratisation, cultured by the church, lead to amazing advances in thought and industry, the likes of which the world has never seen. There have been downfalls in subsequent capitalism, which we fight against. And Christianity became used as a vessel for new kinds of empire. Such that many people now hate it. But it cannot be denied that Christianity did change the world. For some time, for the better. That's what religions can be good for, in the real world.

I have looked at how Christianity happened, at the beginning. It was actually pretty lose and fluid, having different manifestations and tribes. But, it started from the periphery of the Empire, Judea, which was an ancient place actually preceding the Empire of Rome in many ways. But, politically, it was peripheral. And outpost. A place so removed from central power that there were several Romans just messing with the place, exacting tribute, and waging corporal punishment to keep people in line. Well, human beings don't put up with that kind of shit forever, right?

So, some kind of ideology was evolved in Judea which totally liberated and motivated people to oppose Rome, and the old Jewish religion which was basically bribed and paid for by Rome to shut up and do as it was told. Any old religion that let that kinda crap happen obviously had serious moral flaws, and this is why reformative Christianity sprang up, originally as a new kind of Judaeism. Sort of a conservative, back-to-the-roots kind of radicalism. Which actually advocated a liberation from dogma in other ways.

Conventional Jews called the new sect, "the easy way." Because it said some things were OK, like women in power, like associating with sinners, like wine and dance like the Galatians liked to do, like more aesthetic magical miracle type nonsense, as was found in Persia and 'India'. Apparently. at the crossroads of agitation, conventional Jews had refined their dogmatic religion into a code that a lot of natives no longer really appreciated, it being a harness upon them, extracting money for Rome, and wtf good was that?

Today's USA is not Judea, and it is not Rome, but it has serious problems. Problems of empire and post-empire. Christianity here is not the fuel to mores and industry that it once was. American politicians are bought out by billionaires, globalising corporations and China. Exactly what the OCCUPY movement formed to fight against. Political representation has been diminishing in power for decades. There have been big swells of patronisation of the rural poor, and the urban poor, but all connected to partisan politics, and so they fade according to partisan politics. Nothing has been bringing together all the have-nots, to take on the haves. In fact, the powers that be deliberately work against such a possibility, and instead put their billions into maintaining, and hyping up, the left-versus-right paradigm. Divide and conquer.

If anything is going to cohere the great masses of the humble amongst us, it doesn't look like it is going to be politics. The great populist wave that gave us both Trump and Sanders? It's over. It's divided up. The only thing that can change the downward direction in which America is headed is some kind of religious uprising, or some ideological equivalent. Marxism? Old news. Corporatism? Bad news. It's got to be something more. Because, when empire unravels, and is taken over by whores, this is what needs to happen.

This has nothing to do with me being pro-religion, which I am not. I an a sociologist - an anthropologist. Human beings are a flawed sort, and they apparently need religion, especially at pivotal times. It is burnt into their brains like a tattoo. And good for them for holding out that there could be something better in life, even magic. Just don't go from a cult escaping crucifixions to an empire fixated on crucifying people.

So, I have pondered how a religious movement might take hold in the USA. If you look at our history, we have had these waves of religious fervour, called the first, second, third, etc., "Great Awakenings." Honestly, only in America. I'm not sure what good these might have done, but they have been part of this country. I think maybe some of them might have been Puritan-type reactions to new waves of low-life immigration, but I'd have to study that to be sure. Probably. America is strange. It is like one big religious reaction to the perpetual depravity brought on by its incessant industry and wealth. Like its an integral part of the empire machine.

I am talking something different, if that is even possible. Not religion serving empire, but religion at least meaning to reform empire. At best? Something like a new Protestant reformation.

Let's pause for a second. It should be remembered that most of the concepts of liberty and civil rights in the Western world were derived from Christian concepts, which, themselves, derived from earlier religions, including Pantheism, Jadeaism, Hammurabi, etc. From Rome, we derived both legal and religious concepts. Basically, the human race has been mired in survivalism, but has occasionally taken time out to be superstitious about the weather, about badness, big animals, why the heck they kept breathing, and so on. Over millions of years, this superstition refined itself, which included the evolution of concepts of gods, a single god, the soul, the rights of the soul, etc. - but also of the rights of humans.

Nothing in reality ever said we had a right to survive, much less to prosper. We evolved, and we created all that ideation. The whole idea of inalienable rights. It is a human fabrication, yet not completely unnatural. You could be like Hitler or Mao, and just declare that these rights are irrelevant, and now tens of millions of people will be killed to serve your own selfish purposes. But that won't fly forever, because humans have evolved decency. Respect. Tolerance. We demand that these values be not limitted to the poor, but to the powers that seek to exploit the poor. Christianity had a lot to do with this. People were superstitious and narcissistic and stubborn enough to say, "No! We will not be quashed just because you say you are a god! Fuck that shit!"

A concept of a god completely divorced from the selfishness of man thus was evolved. In civilisation, what else could eventuate? Of course this is going to happen. The rich are few. The poor are everywhere. Of course there shall be, over the millennia, the evolution of religions and laws which protect the poor from being exterminated - and even empowers them to some degree! Whether or not you believe in divine spirits - of course this is going to happen.

As empire steps across the globe, as if on stones in the water, what is the next step for the religious dissidents? Because empire is always the same thing - it just moves on to cheaper labour and cheaper infrastructure - and to more repressive regimes. This has been going on since the beginning of civilisation. So has the evolution of the rights of humans, animals, nature...

I have pondered if the next great religious dissent might come from some place peripheral - like Guam, the Philippines, Vietnam? Right? Someplace so distant that it is both pro-USA and anti-USA. Where the elites serve the USA, but the poor suffer because of that. You could look at most of Latin America and find that. But, this place should also be archaic to the USA, primal as well as peripheral? The UK? Probably not. Israel again? I don't know. Italy? Maybe. Germany and Japan, I think, have the best chance - of sparking a religious movement that comes here to bite us in the ass. Germany makes the most sense.

Or, maybe it's never going to happen for the USA. Maybe the USA is now a different kind of animal. Maybe the USA has so easilly become a whore for China, that that's where the real empire now lies. China. We were just a stepping stone. We volunteered and sacrificed our jobs and corporations to China. We gobbled up all its heavy-metal-contaminated products. We kissed its ass since Nixon, expecting it to transform into a non-repressive regime, which nver happened - even though Democrats are fine with continuing to kiss its ass. No longer under that delusion but under their will to power, apparently. Selling the rest of us out.

Maybe the next religious opposition will not rise up against the USA, but against China. Maybe we are at that point already.

I actually believe it is possible that the prophesies of Edgar Casey can be true. I believe this because of several things. For one thing, I understand that nature is strange, and it can include psychic phenomena. (Anyone interested on my thoughts here should read my writings rather than just accept or dismiss me out-of-hand). I also know from personal experience, and from people I have known, that psychic phenomena can visit people, especially those people who have been ill, abused or highly stressed. Casey had an illness issue.

Anyway, Casey said that Russia would one day become the land of liberty. And China would one day be filled with people who were not exactly Christians, but very much like Christians. If I believe that these prophesies may be possible, then how can it be unfolding now?

So, there is this new religion that has sprung up all over the world. I was listening to my SW radio one night. Most SW radio stations in the USA now are Christian based. I don't listen to the religious stuff, but I do have some of these stations in my radio memory, because they also offer alternate political views. So, I am suddenly hearing this thing called, "Supreme Master TV." It sounded like complete propaganda, from China, possibly trying to undermine USA Christianity. It was soooooo weird. There is this supreme master - whom I wondered might be Xi or who knows - who is advocating vegetarianism and world peace. trying to get us to eat crickets?! To kiss up to China?!

Actually, no. The so-called supreme master is a woman who set off on her own spiritual quest, defied Buddhist convention, and created her own "cult" which combines Buddhism and Catholicism, and is fine with materialism. In fact, this new cult now has restaurants and radio stations across the world. It is so fucking strange.

But it comes out of Taiwan, from a woman who had parents who were Chinese and Vietnamese. Taiwan and Vietnam are peripheral to China, and they are pro-USA. Which is what makes this new religion so intriguing to me. Not Guam, but Taiwan. What is so interesting about this is that the religion is devoutly anti-China. This religion is everywhere. Can you imagine if it made inroads into China, and woke up so many sheep? Just as Casey has predicted? At the very same time that China is buying out American democracy, building imperial inroads into Europe, and South America, and the China Sea, there is this religion rising up - just as it should do, to challenge empire! This is earth-shattering. A simple thing like a dumb-fuck religious cult? Dude, that is what makes history, and we need to keep our eye on this.

Ching Hai. It is a weird cult, expanding itself through capitalism. So weird! But it's there, and it is doing its stuff. It really does not seem to be a cult in the bad sense of the word - like drink-the-koolaid-cult. It seems to be naturally expanding - all over the world - by the power of its simplicity and its acceptance of materialism. Because religions that reject money apparently don't get too far. So, here is this synthesis of aesthetic values and money, and it doesn't mean it is bad or good. It is just a movement that is happening.

Taiwan, (Formosa), is a wonderful country. I had a friend who lived there, half the time, teaching English. For those of you who don't know, Taiwan was not just the ancient progenitor of a lot of interesting civilisations - it was the place to where the pro-capitalists fled from Communist China. The USA made a point of supporting Taiwan, until mainland China strong-armed the UN and the USA into rejecting the legitimacy of Taiwan. Now, with Biden in office, China is perched, ready to finally invade Taiwan, without repercussion.

So, from the periphery of China, and also of the USA, there is this religion growing. I find it absolutely intriguing. And politically amazing. It may be anti-Buddhist but, from Taiwan, it is also anti-PRC. It also borrows from Catholicism. Mark my words. This is very happening. We saw Hong Kong get consumed by China, even as they waved American flags, but they dien't have this. One of my best boyhood friends was from Hong Kong. He was great. So fun. It absolutely crushes me that Hong Kong was consumed, illegally. I hate China. I hate that so may or our corporations and politicians have sold their souls to China.

Donald Trump supported Taiwan, against this anti-moral onslaught. Against our Big Tech that is now owned by China. So, I hate to startle you democrats, but the great religious leader who opposes China's repressions of the rights of humans, actually cried at the passing of Donald Trump from office. You will never see such devotional emotion as you will see here. Give it two or three decades, and you will one day understand what went wrong in this country. By that time, it will have been too late. What good were you?

or try - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNcDNzPYRMg
or try - https://suprememastertv.com/en1/v/115113100253.html

Note: The elevation of political correctness into an aggressive crusade to cancel alternate voices for the sake of cancellation itself, based on superstitious 'facts' and ideals, has been seen as a mass cult. A religious uprising. So many of its adherents are atheists, and so, I guess their words insulate them from complicity in this. It is so antithetical to American values through history, and so against the grain of the great silent majority, which includes Asians and Hispanics and Blacks, that it just cannot run for long on its own steam. It will ever require more force, more lies, more violence. And more force cannot happen forever, even if China steps in to help, directly.

It is for these reasons that I think it is imminent that a contrary religious uprising shall and must occur in this country. How that happens, we don't know yet. It will probably include some kind of Fatima-type miracle, or god knows what. The movement offered by Ching Hai won't cut it for America, BUT, what it does offer is subversion within China. If it can somehow get to that point - getting past the internet censors, and so forth.

The people who are now in power in this country are on the side of China. They emulate China's controllaholism, they take China's money, they don't speak up about the persecutions of Muslims, they turn a blind eye when China moves on Taiwan, mark my word. Biden sent warships through the South China Sea, not to show force, but to fake us out. He's in bed with China. He took up Trump's anti-China tariffs because experts told him this was the right thing to do, and it was. But, he's in bed with China. He lies like a sewer main break.

I should mention the pope. I really like this pope, for the most part. He's not a friend of Trump, so, who knows what power he might have wielded against Trump. Doctor Steve Pucienick(sp?!) came on the Alex Jones Show, and announced that a military countre-coup would occur against Biden, who had stolen the election. Much evidence to support this, he claimed. He's been right so many times in the past. Apparently, he has doubled down on his claims lately. Hearing this on the radio is probably a big reason why there are now troops and fences all 'round WDC.

During this interview, he predicted the collapse of the Italian government - which proceeded to happen. Another thing he said was that the POPE was in dispose. Or, should we say, deposed? Because, no one has really heard from the Pope in the last year or so.  Dr. Steve claims that his clan of dark monks has influenced authorities to eliminate Pope Francis, based on pedophilia rings, and all that. Who knows? I don't know? I haven't heard from the Pope lately, have you?

The weird thing is that some prophesy said that this would be the last Pope. I never took that seriously, but what if he has in fact been deposed, by some Protestant conspiracy? The world is a very strange and intriguing place. The games we play, when it makes not an atom of difference to the sunlight obliviously showering upon us.

But, if there is something amiss in the Catholic church, other than billions of dollars owed due to pedophilia claims, then that impacts religion in America. I think it is not beyond the stretch of imagination to consider that any globalist movement that would sponsor violent riots across the USA, take out a president, and so on, would not be beneath taking out a pope, progressive as he may be. Leftists attack their own. And this will become plainly obvious in the coming months, yo.

Regarding pedophilia trafficking rings.  They are real, they happen.  Some people get so much money - what more can they do with it?  What more extreme rule can they violate?  What is the ultimate, but forbidden sex with a child?  Or even, blood from children?  To protract aging.  This is happening.  I'm sorry, but, people with too much money do this stuff.  Especially people raised on ideas that anything SHOULD be possible, because they are politically correct, and have all the white privilege in the world.

Donald Trump actually clamped down on pedophile rings, but none of this was ever reported in the corporatist news.  Even on late-night radio, "Red Eye," radio, with conservative hosts, the minute any caller talks about breaking pedophile rings, the hosts hang up on him.  This is because a massive campaign has been waged claiming that "Q-ANON" is responsible for all such conspiracies.  And NOBODY wants to be called Q-ANON!  But it is an intelligence ploy.  There is no such thing as Q-ANON.  It's a smear.  Like claiming Proud Boys are white supremacists - which is a complete falsehood.  The reality is that pedophile rings continue to operate, and the elites don't want you to know about it, and the intelligence community basically covers their ass.

It's happening.  You are too good a person to think that it is not.  They depend on your goodness to get away with their crimes,.
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