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Just according to my off the wall study... Today's left-wing talk radio shows yend to be Protestant - mainly, Anglo or Germanic. On the right, they tend ot be Jewish or Catholic - mainly Irish of origin. The latter is not too dissimilar to today's Supreme Court. The Court with a Consious, so some say...

Earliest talk show host was Rush Limbaugh, Germanic in origin. So was more revent, progressive, Ed Shultz. Both from the Midwest. I do not extend this study earlier than this.

Most of the Progressive/ liberal talk show hosts have been Anglo or Germanic:

Thom Hartmann - (Germanic / English)
Stephanie Miller - (English / Germanic)
Rachel Maddow - (English? Jewish?)
Keith Oberman - (Germanic)
Fill in your own...
RFK Jr. - An outlier who takes up both left and right.

Most of the right is coming from Catholics or Jews, these days...

Mark Levin
Ben Shapiro
Mark Hannity - (Irish)
Chris Plante - (Irish and French basque)
Michael Savich - (Jewish)
Alex Jones (Mixed, largely Scots)

I can add to this list later. But it definitely looks like a trend. However, it defies the trend on the SCOTUS, which is primarilly Jewish and Catholic, but less than it defies other indicators. Presidents have tended to be Celtic or Catholic since Reagan. Esp., Dem nominees. If you look at virtually all Dem nominees, you will see that all of them were stand-ins for JFK, in some ways or another. Increasingly more cosmetically. Dukakis had the hair and the rhetoric. Almost all Dem candidates pulled this stunt. Obama was a black version of JFK, a black version of, "To Sir, With Love." More later.

Also, the trending TV talk show hosts have been Jewish, or Catholic (Colbert), etc. Jon Stewart was Jewish. One guy was selected because he was black from South Africa.

I am a racist for pointing this out, or it is racism that it exists in the first place??? The reality is that Obama pretended to be a comfortable middle-wing saviour, while he was also bomming countries and bating racism. I supported Obama, both times, and he was a failure, IMO. Because he worked to support out-lier issues. And so much more. Bomming more countries that WW2. Eviscerating Libya. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. ISIS, basically. And so on. Ultimately, the Dem candidates are chosen to look like JFK, and yet represent everything JFK, or RFK, or MLK, ever stood against. Against, today's conservatives equate to JFK supporters of 1963. All I know is that I am getting paid less than a black sharecropper of that day.

Fill in this post later.

What does it matter, when the elections are rigged?


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