I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Manifestation of the Vampire Elite / Wither be fuck?

Third bad CFS fatigue/etc. day. Indications were that I was still precariously ill. However, by about 4:15pm, my time*, I pushed myself off to Walgreens. Legs were immediately sore, all the way, despite rest-stops. Along the tracks, I crossed paths with three white dudes congregating, and we acknowledged each other. I almost never cross anyone along the tracks. But these guys were also at a street intersection, and two were sitting on giant concrte blocks on either side of the street. I mention this because, otherwise, there were not a lot of people around, anywhere.

Got a black dude cashier. We acknowledged each other respectfully at the beginning and end of our encountre. I am always decent with everyone. The more woke hipster blacks might not know this, but, there have been countless times when I have tried to respect other blacks, and they just ridiculed me, or whatnot. It is great to live in a world as it should be every time I meet a decent black guy, but I think I deserve some credit for constantly trying, despite the endless stream of disrespectful black guys. Walk a mile in my shoes. I miss the days when everyone frolicked in the woods despite who or what they were. Sometimes I think the only reason the occasional black guy treats me with respect is because he is gay. It's a strange world. When you are a white male.

Already dark on the way home. Backpack/etc. was heavy. Had to rest a few times. Headache began to take shape. Because I was pushing it. Got home and tried a hard apple cider, which had way too much sugar! BAD! Mixed it w/ some Kombucha, but I am still going to pay for this. Hard cider should not be sweet, because the sugar is supposed to be alcohol. Apple juice or cider is very refreshing in the summertime. Cider is great for summer baseball games, and such. Because the alcohol is low compared to the amount of liquid. But not with this kind of sugar. I don't know why everyone and every corporation thinks it is OK to give people cancer and diabetes. Seriously. The only way I can go is to making my own stuff. I pity all the people who think that sugary drinks, or chemical additives, or red meat, or glutton, or bad fats, etc., are the eminently popular, and therefore right, thing to do. They remind me of today's cult of Democrat chauvinism. Don't tell me to jump in your lake, dudes. You lie down with lies and one day you'll never get up - arise! There was a commercial for some kind of new Pepsi version, which is called, maybe, "Pepsi, Zero"?? Which is just diet Pepsi, fgs. The min-commercials were so annoying, pretending that the drink was some kind of new force of popular amazingness, with overbearing graphics and imposing rap-like techno. And they played these mini-commercials over and over again - over a damned soft drink - Diet frickin Pepsi! All I saw was greedy, disingenuous, out-of-touch marketers, and the corporate millions behind them, targetting nothing but idiots, who just drank it all up, because, what is the life? Which is why it reminded me of the 2020 Democrat presidential campaign. Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but Diet soda's are just as bad as sugared soda's at gaining you weight and possibly giving you diabetes or cancer. It's all bullshit!

I made myself some broccoli with melted cheese. On the pan, the cheese melted through too soon, and burnt on the pan. The broccoli, with garlic salt, turned out supreme.. and the burnt cheese - pretty tasty too! Although, it smelt up the whole place. Never replace your ears with your more immediate senses.

I have been in bed for decades, basically. The country has gone to pot, with Soros and China - funded BLM and Antifa riots, and consequent antipathies, (racism). We have been through an election which, arguable, was the result of China trying to steal American power. We are soon to initiate a doomed man and his radical sidekick into reorganizing the American system - A a deeply corrupt and lying man - (because that's the ones the Dems can control). Besides all these petty human concerns, global warming continues to threaten in every way. The poverty associated with capitalism is finding less and less of an answer as the rich concentrate into the richer and richer. The Dems have become the party of the globalist rich - even as they tout memes of fairness, only to turn around and stab their constituencies in the backs.

And I am tired of receiving fucking JOKES for Christmas. I am tired of duplicity and back-stabbing. As if, just because I don't have money, I don't know what is going on - and am not going to write about it. I am tired of "family values' going to serve the gossipping winners, versus the estranged losers. I am tired of Catholic togetherness underwriting and undercutting every and any beloved 'competitor'. I am tired of, not being the last to know, but the last to be realised, as meaningful or important. Until then, every crime and sin has been committed, so, what is it worth. It's all an afterthought, in this great pogrom called humanity. We all live maybe 70, 80, 90 years. Shoving it to others. We know Nothing. We know absolutely nothing. And it disgusts me. Christmas has come to disgust me.

You, who know, me, have some sense of what I mean. We have less that 100 years, sane, on this planet. Meanwhile, we hand ourselves over to nerds who know nothing of experience or reality - or morality. We are in a terrible, terrible state. The reasons why we haven't heard form the stars? Because they go through this - and then they collapse - because, maybe we are idiots by grace, hey? Give the fungus a chance to reign for some time? I have seen, "intelligent," people join cults and die - or ruin the planet - or ruin my life - and anyone who assumes that we are ALL THAT is vastly uninformed. Look into a volcano. Explore the Milky Way. Ponder the expanse of the universe. AND LOOK TO THE INFINITE MIRACLE GNASHING WILDLY WITHIN YOUR OWN BRAIN, YOUR OWN SOUL. All I ask is that you, of any stripe, consult that before condemning me.

enough for now. I have more.

* - my time - My time is actually Central Standard Time - all year 'round. Why? Because not changing the clock upsets the dog and his stomach less. You should see the angry stares I get every year, just for being on this natural schedule. People thjink I am playing passive aggressive games with them.

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