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I ripped, "Dolphin's Tail," a while back, but thought it never worked.  Looking for a diversion, I actually found it on my laptop, and was happy to start watching it.  Turned out to be in Spanish, because of a fluke in my burner.  Spanish people seem more physically expressive, and so did these people, even though I normally watch them in English.  And, in Spanish, it was more believable that Harry Conik Jr. and Chris Christopherson are related.

The ripper did the same thing when I burnt, "The Truman Show," except it made it French.  Which was great, because the Truman Show in French makes it seem like a better, more sophisticated movie.  Like it was meant to be in French.  I recommend The Truman Show, in French!

Also, when I burnt the extended version of, "Mallrats," I got a movie with all the audio but the voice track.  Almost all movies are fake in audio.  All the audio - footsteps, crowd noises, dogs barking, etc., are painstakingly made apart from the voices of the actors, which is central.  If they tried to fake the voice tracks, things would look obviously out of synch.

This is an interesting thing, metaphysically.  The voices, and then the footsteps, and then the cars, etc., etc., are all created by focusing a specific microphone on each sound, right?  Selective mechanical/electronic listening.  Filtering out all the rest of reality.  If movies were not made this way, we would be presented with weak-voiced actors swamped by a sea of background noise, making everything unintelligible to our ears and brains.  So, the movies have to be selectively composed before they reach our ears.  But, in our real lives, we go around with our brains automatically doing the audio selection, of signal(s) over noise(s).  Filtering.  Ashame we cannot do this regarding raw movies.  Maybe if we were actually put into a raw movie, physically, with everything happening all around us, 360 degrees, then out natural selecting/filtering ability would kick in.

Anyway, it was my mistake to burn the long version of Mallrats, and it will be deleted.  The original, shorter version is a bad enough movie as it is.

Crazy man downstairs did a BANG at 11:pm, directly below, as he thought I was sleeping.  My brain's audio was sufficiently insulated, however.  The problem w/ something like CFS - is that sudden, loud or unexpected sounds bypass that selection/filtering circuitry, and the sounds goes straight to the heart, unprocessed.  And the heart goes into terrific shock.  Depending on the size of the assault, the heart may not slow its rapid beating until a day or two later.  Adding additional shocks on top of this leads to PTSD, illness and possibly death.  How very important our bio-cognitive filtering is!  It is how we find the soundtrack - the Timeline - of our lives - and is comparable to the need for love.
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