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I am the person who will destroy China.

Living in the immaterial world. / "Is everybody gay?!"

Usually, I get up around 7:am, feed the dog at 8:am, take the dog out at 9:am, go back to bed to rest, and gradually build up energy or health for the day, unless I am in a relapse, in which case I suffer in bed most of the day. Today, after I took the dog out, I went back to bed and slept. Got up to feed dog at 3:pm, went back to sleep. Got up at 5:pm - going back to sleep...

This is because the attacks from the crazy man downstairs harmed my health, including give me some serious, deep heart pain for several days. The only way to resolve this was to pull a sleep marathon. Plus, I drank a lot of fresh Kombucha yesterday, which contained a lot of sugar. I was partly protected by including witch hazel, but it was necessary to sleep off the fatigue/headache consequences of the sugar. I'm going to have to do garlic tomorrow, before I head out to Aldi's. I also have garlic capsules, but they don't make a dent when it comes to being anti-biotic/fungal.

I need to go tomorrow, since a company told me it would be sending a package soon. They emailed me this warning way back on November 24. I called to ask, and they said, "after December 8." Then I think I called again weeks later. So, the only day it definitely won't show up on my porch would be on a Sunday, tomorrow. If I don't catch it, it will be stolen. Stupid company.

I'm thinking of buying a turkey tomorrow, but am not sure how I'm going to fit it in any of my bags. I'm not a big meat eater, but this is a great trick to keep dog happy for a few weeks, and lessons my trips to buy him chicken. I like that there is still no snow. It feels like I will be able to plan for, 1 - A gigantic grocery expedition, 2 - a trip to the DMV to try to get my license back, soon. The DMV is outside of the city, and that will be some kind of walk. Plus they require appointments. Stupid government.

I have had an abundance of interesting dreams today and last night. Which is always a good sign. Among other things, I was involved with seedy people, which was fine, and I was once again intimate with a certain LJ person who is not one of my LJ friends, and never was. It's the oddest thing.

"Seedy," reminds me of my recent visit to the library. Whilst the giant librarian was checking out my AV materials, I said, "It's almost like a library in here!" She did not understand, so I repeated, "It's so quiet in here, it's almost like a library." She laughed gigantically, and I said, "Did everybody suddenly stop reading?" (Of course I know why the place is deserted). She set into her bland serious persona, revealing her finely honed parochialism, "I hope that's not the case, we're just making some changes blah blah blah, you know, meeting people at the curb, etc." So, I say, "Sounds seedy."

No one has a sense of humour anymore. Everyone's stuck in their own ruts, afraid to take risks, versus the country being swamped by apocalyptic locust people. As Joyce Riley said, years ago, "Nobody whistles anymore!" This started at least ten years ago, when EVERYTHING started getting politicized. People on the left can't understand sarcasm from the right, like Trump's quip to drink bleach, and they instantly shout about it from the NYT to ESPN. People on the right have always had a hard time understanding irony, especially from the left, and constantly interpret a lot of unserious stuff as being grossly immoral or dangerous.

But, they are nowhere as bad as the left, these days. The left goes out of its way to attack people who are happy or free, unless they are fellow leftists, in which case they are allowed to whore themselves out to China, take bribes, lie, be violent, or any damned thing. Because they have good intentions, and the ends justify the means. And everyone's got to outdo each other, trying to grab attention on FB, Twitter and YouTube, until everyone's got to burn down a building, and we all fall off a cliff...

Australian Mom Plunges To Her Death Trying To Take Selfie

I can see the woman on this ledge straining to capture a shot of her, her husband and her boys, and then - poof - she is gone. Can you imagine being one of those guys, and seeing her disappear like that?! Surely it would upset you and you would probably want to lurch, yourself, on that misted, moss-covered ledge. It is amazing all four of them disn't plummet to their death. What a stupid travesty. Australians are amazing except when they are not. Dudes, Instagram is not God.

George Harrison sings about how people who are happy and free tend to get buggered - LYRICS.

You can interpret that any way you want.

It's sometimes hard to tell what is part of this pathos play and what is just plain a manifestation of the great Hindu god, Ironhee... Front line nurse in Tennessee collapses live on air moments after COVID jab

I did spend some time on CraigsList yesterday.  Among other things, I have been looking at places around Tennessee, Kentucky, WV - because they are so cheap.  Though, many other drawbacks.  But, you know, writers go South to write.  Why is that?  Because everyone up here is addicted to buggery, methinks.  Anyway, here is an add that made me think this will be me in the future, desperate and disgusting, and surrounded by dogs.  Although, the guy's place is pretty nice... "$250 looking for a male roommate, Move to London, Ky"

Or, I could devolve into a bald-headed, fat-assed old freak of a man who yowls plaintively on the telephone when he gets the opportunity, smokes pot, gets paranoid, and runs around at night chasing the floorboards of the guy upstairs, so he can BANG and hopefully give the poor stranger a heart attack. Do you know what this guy said to the cop, after I again reported him. "I was asleep, so he needs to give me an apology!" If that isn't a psychopath, what is?! Who understands what it is? He's Jewish, btw. If this is how all Jewish people are, in secret, then hey, wtf, Middle East?

The Day The World Gets 'Round...

Of course, A-hole Guy, who is black, is obsessed with messing with me, because he sees my independent spirit, and lack of interest in material things, and WE WON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF THING IN THE HOOD! Both of these guys are, though they may vote Democrat, so conservative as to be animals. I consider Psychopathy and Narcissism to be reversions to ANIMALITY. It isn't limitted to Jews and Blacks - my older brother, who was white - and an LJ friend's brother, who is white - and the Crazy Gay Guy On The Corner, who was white - betray very similar symptoms of Psychopathy, Narcissism, buggery, and high-minded, self-important, vainglorious ANIMALITY. It is not a condition generic to the right or the left, male or female, gay or straight, rich or poor. It is a condition where someone feels the right to opt out of human progress and instead to exploit others - just like those people who feel that destroying things is more productive than building things. They are throw-backs, antiprogressives, and usually anti-Americans.

If we want to transcend as a civilisation, we must reckon with the reality that we must confront, accept and deal with the animal nature that is a part of us. Many think that nature is the driving engine of capitalism. I think this need not be so. Unless our aim is to destroy ourselves as a species. At this point, true progressivism, not the idiotic lies and rampaging of the left, is a necessary, evolutionary advantage. If we want to reach the stars, we must acknowledge that we are not just angels, but animals.
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