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You will own nothing and you will be nothing.


Justice John Roberts, the disappointment to the right, is revealed to have demanded that the Texas+ case not be taken up - literally because he was afraid of being targetted by the leftist rioters.  He shouted and swore, refusing to take up the significant and relevant case, wherein Texas and other states would argue that electoral failures in 5 of the contested swing states diminished the one-person one-vote rule in it's state, (and in other states).  Perfectly legitimate case.  It was rejected, claiming that Texas+ did not have standing.  (I'll write more on this case later).  This is a big deal.   Moral cowardice, on such an important issue, should be grounds for impeachment.  Meanwhile, Antifa/BLM hooligans are doing wheelies in front of the FBI and DOJ buildings, continuing the China-brand strategy of demoralising - FRIGHTENING - the American government.

Contrast this with how the media is coddling the Bidens, as per the recent Colbert interview. Search online, watch/listen critically, and laugh with a sick feeling in your stomach.

Negotiating with terrorists.

As long as they're good, we're good. (?!)
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