I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

oh ho, THAT silly virus...

My day was not as easy as I had anticipated. I had to wait for the symptoms to lesson. Meanwhile, I ripped only one of the movies, which took endlessly because the disc was all scratched, and then I found out I had ripped the wrong side. Oh well. My socks began to exude vapour within my boots, which is not good for cold weather. I underdressed, as needed for hiking, and so I was cold for a while, but heated up, thanks to my wacky biothermostat. The problem at Walgreens was old ladies, as it was still early afternoon. One old lady eyed me spitefully for something in her head, and then slowed down to agitate me, fighting with the stupidity of a teenager inside a body soon to be buried. The cashier was also an old lady, and she just kept saying things that were completely unnecessary. I CANNOT understand people like this - just saying every and anything, so they surround themselves with a wall of verbiage than none may penetrate, especially because ever-outgoing information tends to be of the insane variety. Got home and decontaminated. Took dog out. Took my boots off and my socks smelt like ammonia. Let me describe these socks. They are long and soft. They have lateral stripes of an inch+ each: dark pink light pink and white. They are what I came up with because I haven't done laundry in possibly a year. Clown socks. Maybe I should call them, "snocks," (inside joke).

Before I left, I called a company to make sure that no package would show up, ergo be stolen, on my porch whilst I was gone. Normally, this place has the most lax customer service ever. But the female who answered had a voice that sounded so similar to someone familiar to me. I think we both knew this. It was strange. I made sure she was interested, but didn't ask if I could stalk her, as it is proper to leave than for the second call.

Despite me playing my music loudly, in response to the latest bangings, I know it will happen again, as he always does it after I have come back from a trek. I have been sleeping with wet tissue earplugs, surrounded by headphones, surrounded by heavy pillows, with loud music going. Because his bangs are physical attacks that make me ill.

My shoulder injury is not as bad as it was a few months ago. I am almost able to use my left hand fingertips to lather under my right armpit. And if you take your arm, fold your wrist, bring thumb side of wrist down onto top of head: then go straight up with your arm, ending in a high Heil Hitler - I am getting closer to being able to do this with my left arm - a long way to go, though. This injury was a consequence of the harm done by a drug two years ago, which also included so many other consequences, including my top body having shrunk a size or two. Which is almost OK, because I was always too much of an ectomorph anyway. Like a damned Etruscan I was.

I discovered a little bump on the top of mine dog's head a while back. It was underneath the skin. Now, it is the size of a large pea. Disturbing. I know why it there. Because of all the chemicals I had to spray into the nearby ear, in order to fight ear mites and infection. The body is a very delicate thing, if you look at the long term. For instance, anything that is born eventually dies. So, anyway, I want to get this removed soon, because I don't want cancer in his brain. This will mean an arduous walk to the vet, and back, and $$$. He is lying just outside my door, with his head looking straight at me, because we are good. I will really be sorry if I never manage to give him at least a few months of a great life one day - running in nature, eating moose turds, getting shot by Republicans.


WLS AM Chicago cut MADCOW after the election. Although I was not completely keen on this show, it....

had alternate views), and replaced it with one more idiot wagging his nether parts at Trump, "You told people to drink bleach and they died!" There's a similar vain dork from 5:pm-7:pm. I'm just trying to escape this endless bullshit.

Meanwhile, the head of the oldies station, (in the kitchen), who is part of the talk nonsense, is getting more and more irrational. So, I finally ditched that station - not just for this - but because playing Madonna and Billy Joel and Cher, etc., each 5x a day, can drive anyone insane. They started playing more 1990's music, but that also included picking up a bunch of black songs just to say they were WOKE, but the songs they picked up were really BAD MUSIC, which is a metaphor for everything that is going wrong today. I am almost black, I got the black music in me, I know what bad music is, even if it's coming from blacks. The joke is, as usual, the white lawyer/radio-guy, doesn't know shit about music, big surprise.

Anyway, I tuned in recently, to give the oldies station a chance, and this guy was hamming it up with his friend calling in from WDC - Bob Nye? - Like he knows his shit like the Science Guy? - - - -

"We could have had innoculated 200 million people by March if Trump had ordered another 100 million vaccines from Pfizer." And the other guy chimes in agreement, afraid to actually speak rationally.

Everyone is game to criticise this president, based on getting the incomplete story - and the propaganda - from the corporate media. It turns my stomach, because this president has kicked out more than one vaccine, before the end of the year, which everyone had gassed their lovely crap on air, saying that would be impossible. Then, the Dems claimed he was succeeding in advancing the vaccines in order to sway the elections - then the Dems, after the election, took photo ops, etc, to convey that they were the ones who had been standing with science, and created the vaccines. SO SICK OF THIS.

Trump did not go ahead on ordering another 100 million vaccine viles BECAUSE no commitment had yet been made by Pfizer to proceed with anything. Trump had done exactly the right thing! Meanwhile, Pfizer went ahead and sold vaccine commitments to other countries. That is not Trump's fault. That is the fault of bastard globalist corporations deliberately not serving America's interests. Corporations who had been promised by the USA millions - at least a billion - of dollars to develop the vaccines in the first place. They were PAID to work for America, and they turned around and whored it out somewhere else. Which is why Trump wants a law requiring corporations, who work for the USA, to SERVE the USA first. Put two and two together. Big Pharma has put millions upon million into defeating Trump. Because they want to keep this game going - of selling us out.

It annoys me to not end that everyone feels he or she is the one to throw this President over his calf - the one who has all the special tweetworthy gossip to shoot - when they have been doing nothing but talk, and the president has revolutionized this country's response to urgencies in health, and beyond. These were advancements even heralded in the New York Times as being revolutionary, and a standard for future progress in public health. Donald Trump was a radical PROGRESSIVE in this regard, and tow-bit local snowflakes think to badmouth him at every turn, as if they could have done better. It absolutely sickens and disgusts me. Not to mention his accomplishment of not only getting us into NO wars, but establishing peace between Israel and many states in the Middle East. Obama, on the other hand, bommed more countries since WW2, was para militarilly involved in 47 African countries, and exterminated the lives of American citizens abroad. But, he was black, and if you don't like it, that means you are a RACIST!


PS - We are on a fine schedule toward herd immunity. Better than any other country. What has happened, in response to a virus that might have been a bioweapon, has been astonishing. Americans need to wake up.

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