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I am the person who will destroy China.

Las Guevedocas

The extraordinary case of los Guevedoces..

Catherine and his cousin Carla, Guevedoces in the Dominican Republic

Johnny, once known as Felicita, remembers going to school in a little red dress, though he says he was never happy doing girl things...

"I never liked to dress as a girl and when they bought me toys for girls I never bothered playing with them - when I saw a group of boys I would stop to play ball with them."

When he became obviously male he was taunted at school, and responded with his fists.

"They used to say I was a devil, nasty things, bad words and I had no choice but to fight them because they were crossing the line."

Full Article HERE
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Tags: countries - dominican republic, gender - guevedoces, gender - transgender (and see lgbt), odd news, sex - ambig / hermaphrodite

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