I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Nothing secedes like excess.

Several years ago, Rush Limbaugh said of Barack's election: "I hope he fails."  It wasn't about wishing the worst on a black man.  It was about Barack's proposed policies.  Limbaugh was roundly attacked by Dems, and spent days trying to clear things up.

A few days ago, Limbaugh was asked what he thought was in store for Republicans.  He pondered, and said, "We  might be trending towards secession.  I'm not sure I'm in favor of that idea..."  For this, he was widely attacked, again.  (There are plenty of flubs being thrown out by Dems, which I'll talk about later).

After this SCOTUS decision on the Texas+ case, however, I saw that the only alternative being given to the states that believe Trump is the legitimate president, along with other complaints, would be to secede.  As a matter of reality.  I'm not expressing an opinion, here.  I will discuss the SCOTUS decision, which I really don't see as good or bad, later.  I don't think Dems realise how GOPPers feel they have been treated in recent years - by the media, etc.  So, the talk in the GOP is in fact tending towards secession now.  If that ever happen, so will war.  How vain people are these days, that they don't see the consequences of their actions.  But, these cycles happen every 80 years or so.  We just happen to be stuck in a time where everyone has gone mad.

Texas GOP Chair Suggests 'Law-Abiding States' Form Their Own Union After Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit To Overturn Election Results

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