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I am the person who will destroy China.

Humans are opportunists. If some could cheat, why would they not?

This is not a memory problem. It's coming from the internet. If this is not my phone company slowign down my data, then the IP's hitting me suggest China might be blocking me. Especially when it comes to LJ. Just an educated guess. Why would a country that censors a billion of its people ever want to interfere with anyone in the USA speaking out against China? I must be CRAZY.

I am sitting here watching the internet wheels go 'round and 'round, pages never loading... One more night of failing to post anything of significance or meaning. Sorry. But, listen, I actually did another trek - only a few days after an earlier one. It's the witch hazel. It really is helping. Or, just lucky chance. Look - I see one page loading - maybe I will try to do a post... But LJ is NOT loading at all... *crosses fingers*.... OK - It seems to be improving a little...

Prior to the 2020 election, the Democrats filed 300 lawsuits in various states, mainly in the swing states, seeking to change state election laws and process to their favour. Some of these succeeded, for example, managing to get administrative officials to allow late ballots, and such. According to the US constitution, only state legislatures may pass such laws. This issue was raised the other day in the Supreme Court, and the response was a dismissal - saying this was a matter for the states to decide. That's what you get from a largely conservative court which wants to keep federal power in abeyance. Or - a court which doesn't want angry mobs showing up at its justices houses. There is a theory that the court is waiting to take the Texas suit, which is interesting, but a long-shot to win, for various reasons. But I digress. I am a Digressive.

Joe Biden also hired 600 lawyers, aware that he would have to push back against Trump's allegations of fraud. (Notice how the press has stopped saying, "Donald Trump claims fraud with no evidence!" and started saying, "Donald Trump continues his fight to overturn the election of Joe Biden, with no evidence of widespread fraud..." - ? Just like they called the Hunter Biden story, "Russian Disinformation," before the election, banning it on FB, Twitter, CNN, etc., but now, its OK for it to be a news story. Saying, "Few noticed this story before the election!" Because it was banned!

BTW - YouTube is now removing any videos saying or asking that the election might have involved fraud. God bless their so-called fact-checkers). We've seen the Dems prompting, playing, moulding us for the outcome of a challenged election. Both Biden and Harris played this game, appealing to the camera, during their debates. Chris Wallace: "Will you agree to hand over power if Biden wins?" What the hell kind of question is that, but more of the same false-reality-spinning. And, all the warning of impending violence (from the Right), insistence that Biden SHOULD NEVER CONCEDE, and so forth. This was all contrived, by a lot of money, by psychological experts in the Intelligence Community, by spinners in the media.

Various statistical evidence shows it is probable that the election was rigged. And, that Trump would have lost while his party made large gains is historically unfounded. Countless, BIG voting irregularities have occurred. However, in separate swing states, Democrat-allied judges have thrown out Trump's suits, without looking at the evidence. Their argument generally is that such extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But evidence has been denied in Democratic precincts. Poll-watchers were pushed away from viewing the process. Offices sent all non-Dems home while apparently nefarious 'counting' proceeded. The evidence from the voting software and companies is apparently not in hand.

With such a timeline, in such an essential, pivotal issue, it is egregious for judges to shy away from these important questions, shirk all responsibility for assisting in the ongoing discovery of evidence through trial. If the Dems were claiming the same injustice, I would urge any judge to quickly take up the questions, in the interest of justice, rather than in process, and saving taxpayers a few million dollars. Dismissive decisions like these apparently have acceded to the ongoing media drumbeat that Biden is now president, showing the judges to be politicians, not pillars of justice. Well, eventually, something will go to the Supreme court.

And, if that fails, eventually the truth should prevail, (hopefully without the constant diversion of China, Soros, and so on). Truth that Biden, an incessant liar, was involved in the Hunter corruption will come out, and he will be impeached. Although, he said that if ever there was a major disagreement between himself and Harris, he would fake an illness an resign. Oh. Yay. These flubs of his. They only betray an evermore conflictive mind of an aging liar. "We've got the biggest, bestest election fraud machine in history!" - umhmmm...

The main point of this post is this: After all you have seen, do you really think it is impossible that the election was NOT rife with fraud? "Not in America!" Why not? If no one believes it can happen here - then it is going to happen here! If Dems, and/or China, and/or corporate monopolies, etc., saw that it was very possible to cheat in American election - as had occurred in Venezuela, etc., using the same voting system - and they only believe in gaining power - then why would they NOT cheat?

The world is littered with psychopaths and criminals, and they all have a jolly time glutonising at the top. Control, power, fame, self-godliness, revenge, debauchery - corruption is their game. So, why shouldn't they cheat, and teach others to cheat, under banners of anti-racism and anti-Trumpism, and so on? I don't know what it is, but when leftists smell blood, they turn rabid, piranhanic, authoritarian - and tens - hundreds - of millions of people end up dying.

And when corrupt banks and banksters and hedge-fund-manipulators see a chance to take more, why wouldn't they try to take more - when taking more defines who they are? And the leaders of Big Tech - they are all spindle-brained nerds. What are they doing deciding the "morality" of everyone in the country - in the world?! They don't know anything about morality. Integrity. The truth.

And yet they are controlling what you and I get to read, and think. Just like in China. You want to be run by a gaggle of glorified gerbils? And the media: Why are they in the business? No longer to do in-depth, honest investigative reporting - because there are no more budgets for that. They are in it for the attention. To tout themselves as vessels of the truth. More important than the truth is how it serves their ends. Or does not.

After four years of shouting that Trump is a Russian criminal, a lie, do you think they would not stoop to trying to steal an election?

Banning the Hunter/Biden Scandals until after the election. Covering up for the FBI spying on a political campaign. Acting like Trump is a crazed warmonger when he has been precisely the opposite - in results. It's all surreal and unbelievable to me.

Is it possible that the election was stolen? Yes. Scientifically, yes. I, for one, do not lend myself, or my words, or my patronage to any of this creepy, zomboid, narcissistic, obsessive cover-up of the truth. It has been a constant repetition, never allowing the public to take a breath or form a thought, all towards one goal: Reinstalling the decrepit swamp in WDC, which means bringing back in the forces of disarray, death and decline: China. Soros. Big Tech. Big Pharma. Deep state permanent bureaucracy. Impoverishment of the people, towards 'Marxist' control. Lying, corrupt, bastard career politicians. Empty-spirited controllaholics who know no end to destroying others. Closet sadists run amok.

Beneath the honourable leaders? A restive throng of millions who have never known real control and real self-worth, but have only marched in lock-step blaming enemies - now they are as if on a looting spree, getting what they think the world owes them. No understanding of economics. Just base, animal, desperate grabbing, at the expense of others. That's why leftist revolutions always end in tragedy. They exploit the desperate, let out the criminals, assuming them pure, while the leaders know them to be disruptive - and then what happens? Not Utopia, dudes. This. Is. What. Follows. And will follow. FROM CORRUPTION.

I thought Mark Levin had a good first hour, talking about Hunter Biden, etc. So, maybe take a listen. Presently, December 10 is not yet up, but it should be soon. https://www.marklevinshow.com/ Happy Honeheka! (Sorry - I am not find the the 'correct' spelling via spellcheck. It says, "Bonehead"). Check out the Wiki page, where only the most incriminating factoids or observations are noted... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mark_Levin_Show Yes, he makes fun of people, as an aside, and in an offhand way. Why not? People are allowed to do that. Last I heard.

Note that anyone who rightly criticised George Soros was branded an Antisemite. Does that hold true for those who listen to Levin, Savage, Shapiro, and other Jews? The irony. They blamed the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter on Trump, when in fact he was left-wing. Antisemite like the leaders of BLM. Like Antifa. Hey, Hitler could have declared himself, "anti-Hitler." Are you going to accept that? I am not conservative. I am a progressive who is sooooooo tired of the corrupt DNC Dems exploiting skin colour, the poor, etc., to only offer programmes which work against these groups. Why would they do that? Because the people in their top ranks want the power. Listen to them, and enact an agenda of lies and contradiction.

If the system elected Trump, a flamboyant narcissist, then focus on the system. If the system elected a vain, lying, corrupt jackass - then focus on the system. Seriously, why is everyone reduced to bothering about these two old men? Because eveyone is buying into the system. Well, you will never find your soul, fishing at the polls. We, the people. We, the people. We are each here only for an instant, but we each have the power to change history. Be important. For you sake. For crying out loud. We're all going back into the mindless mud soon enough.
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